3 Top Tips For Finding Your Perfect Concealer Shade

One of the key parts of achieving the best possible makeup cover-up is finding the right shade for your skin. Finding a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly can be critical for your cover-up. By selecting a shade that matches your skin you ensure that the area you are concealing can be blended into the skin for undetectable wear. With over 50 shades in our range, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve created a product to help.

1. Find Your Perfect Concealer Shade With The Veil Colour Matching Kit

This is a photograph of a Veil Colour Matching Kit, a product designed to help you find your perfect shade of full coverage concealer.

The Veil Colour Matching Kit is a product designed to help you discover your perfect shade. This kit contains 10 different shades of Veil Cover Cream along with 2 shades of Finishing Powder and some easy to follow application instructions. The colour matching kit is available in 4 different shades. There’s Light, Medium, Dark and the bigger pack, Double Dark.

Light contains the shades Cream, Vanilla, Natural-Light, Suede, Medium, Natural, Natural-Medium, Dark, Peach and Oyster. The medium pack contains Almond, Honey, Beige, Biscuit, Sunglow, Suntan, Natural-Tan, Tan, No 3 and Caramel. The dark kit contains the shades Latte, Olive, No 2, Rose, Brown, Mocha, Cocoa, Chestnut, Coffee and Walnut. And finally, the double dark pack contains all the shades in the dark pack. Additionally, it also contains Cinnamon, Warm Coffee, Bourbon, Russet Tan, Tawny, Tuscan, Ebony, Fudge, Hazelnut and Oak.

2. Experiment with different colours and don’t be afraid to blend

When it comes to trying out each shade we recommend experimenting with each colour in the kit to find your perfect concealer shade. Inside the kit, the shades range from cool-toned to neutral-toned and finally warm-toned. This means that there is something for all different tones of skin. Because of this, it is best to experiment. It’s also worth noting that Veil Cover Cream shades can be blended together. Therefore, if you find you’re in-between two or more colours, you can mix multiple shades to create a new custom colour.

3. Take your time with application and always apply in natural daylight

To discover your perfect concealer shade it is best to take your time with the application. This means that you should apply the cream to your desired area in thin layers. Take your time with the application. Never apply the cream in thick layers. You should blend each thin layer into the skin before applying another. By doing this you prevent a cakey look from occurring.

We also recommend you apply Veil Cover Cream in natural daylight. This allows you to truly find the best colour match. Often artificial light can give us a false representation of what we are actually doing in terms of makeup application. This means whilst using the artificial light your makeup might look perfect. However, once in natural daylight you’ll likely discover that the colour match isn’t quite right. Our top tip is to apply your colour match in front of a window. This will allow you to see a true colour match and ensure that the cream you choose is the best for your skin.

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