Why Building Up Your Makeup In Thin Layers Is Essential

With makeup, many wearers aspire to achieve a lovely natural look which enhances what we deem to be our best features whilst concealing the areas that we wish to cover up. Makeup can be both fun and confidence-boosting. However, if you aren’t a makeup artist or an avid makeup fan keeping an eye on all the latest news, application can be difficult and confusing. With trends ever-changing in makeup and new application techniques popping up all the time, many non-makeup experts can be left feeling somewhat left behind and lost. This can often be the case when it comes to the classic and original application methods. With new methods appearing constantly it’s rare to see the basics of makeup frequently talked about. However, at Veil, we understand that not everyone is a makeup expert. We also recognise that not everyone has a whole load of makeup knowledge under their belts.

If you’re someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup or you’re not into watching the various talented makeup gurus online, terms like “contouring” and “baking” are probably very confusing. You might find yourself just simply wanting to achieve a cover-up that looks natural. Perhaps you just want to create a fresh base to blend the area you’re concealing with the rest of your skin? Well, we are here to help.

Gradually apply your makeup in thin layers, not one big layer.

Finding it difficult to achieve a natural look which blends in with the rest of your skin? Don’t worry. One of the best tips for creating a natural look is to remember that less is more. Instead of initially applying a lot of product, instead, opt for a small amount. Once you’ve applied that small amount, blend everything together thoroughly. One of our favourite tools for doing this is a trusty blending sponge. This handy little sponge allows you to blend your makeup within seconds. Once the first layer in blended nicely, if you feel like you require more coverage, repeat the process and apply another layer. You can do this multiple times until you reach your desired level of coverage. Just ensure that each layer is blended thoroughly before applying the next.

This is a photograph of a Veil Colour Matching Kit, a product designed to help you find your perfect shade of full coverage concealer.

If the layer isn’t blended properly, you’ll discover that the makeup looks heavy and cakey. This is something you definitely do not want so take your time when applying. It’s also worth noting that if you are using high coverage camouflage cream Veil Cover Cream only a small amount of product is required for maximum results. This is because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment compared to other concealers. This also makes the cream more economical in use.

To find your perfect Veil Cover Cream shade, check out the Veil Colour Matching Kit. This pack contains 10 shades of concealer along with 2 shades of finely milled finishing powder. The kit allows you to discover your perfect colour match in the comfort of your own home. The kit also allows you to try the product before committing to purchasing a full-size jar of cream. Don’t forget, take your time with your makeup application. Apply your makeup in thin layers and blend, blend, blend!

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