Customisable Xanthelasma Kits – Tailored Sets To Perfectly Fit Your Skin

Veil Customisable Xanthelasma Kits

Customisable Xanthelasma Kits, a product designed to meet your skin concealing needs

Introducing the first customisable Xanthelasma Kits. We’ve created this kit to allow you to select the shades of Veil Cover Cream best suitable for your skin. In this kit, you’ll receive 4 x 5g shades of Cover Cream along with a colour correcting shade of your choice. In the kit, you’ll also receive a finishing powder, makeup brush and a mixing palette. This kit is great for travel due to its compact size and works to provide the skin with flawless high coverage whilst also counteracting unwanted tones within the skin. This kit is available in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark.

Choose shades to perfectly match your skin tone

First up is the Light Kit. This kit has four shades to choose from, Medium, Natural Light, Oyster and Suede. This kit also contains a 5g jar of Translucent finishing powder. Next up is Medium, the colours to choose from in this kit are No 3, Tan, Almond and Caramel. This kit also comes with a 5g jar of Translucent finishing powder. Lastly is the Dark Kit. The shades to choose from in this kit are Brown, Latte, Walnut and Mocha. This kit also comes with a finishing powder in the shade Dusk. With each kit, you have the option to choose between 4 of the same shades. Or you have the choice to select 1 of each shade.

Select a colour corrector shade to counteract unwanted tones in the skin

As well as selecting the skin tone shade(s) you’ll receive, you’ll also be able to choose a colour correcting shade to suit your skin. These shades include Mauve, Green, Yellow, Rose, Orange and also White. These shades counteract unwanted tones in the skin, improve the likes of radiance and also help to lighten shades if required. Colour correcting shades should be applied before the application of a shade that best suits your skin tone.

A handy guide to our colour correcting shades:

First up, Mauve is fantastic for those with Xanthelasma and sallow toned skin as it neutralises yellow tones in the skin. Next, Green is effective at neutralising redness caused by the likes of Acne, spots, blemishes and general blushing. Thirdly, Yellow works wonderfully at neutralising purple tones giving it the ability to conceal undereye circles and bruising.

As for Rose, it enhances radiance and brightens the skin. Rose also works well on dark spots caused by conditions like Melasma. Curious about Orange? Well, it is most suitable for those with medium skin and works nicely at concealing dark circles due to its ability to neutralise blue tones within the skin. Lastly, White is a handy cream to combine with other shades if they’re a little bit too dark for your skin tone and need lightening up.

How to apply:

When it comes to the application of the products, it’s simple. Firstly, using the makeup brush provided, apply your colour correcting shade to clean dry skin. Don’t forget, a little goes a long way. Blend this shade into the skin. Next, select the best shade to match your skin tone. If you’re using two or more shades, use the mixing palette to combine these shades before applying a small amount to the skin and building up in light layers. If you’re using White to lighten a shade to match your skin, mix this with your selected shade until you achieve the suitable colour for your skin tone.

Once you’ve created your desired amount of coverage and blended the area, apply a layer of finishing powder to set the product in place and there you have it. The area should blend in naturally with the rest of your skin for a confidence-boosting finish.

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