Veil Cover Cream Featured on Chocolate and Lipstick 20/04/2015

Veil Cover Cream Featured On Chocolate and Lipstick

Recently beauty  and lifestyle blogger Angela from Chocolate and Lipstick shared her thoughts on Veil Cover Cream and the new Veil Sample Kit in Light. Angela used the camouflage cream to conceal and hide her tattoo. To see Angela’s results and her full post, head over to Chocolate and Lipstick. She said: If you need to cover any tattoos (for work/any special occasions) or because you have skin concerns (for a full list, click here), I strongly recommend Veil Cover Cream. It allows your skin to breathe, whilst being moisturising,... Read More

4 Skin Conditions That Veil Cover Cream Can Hide and Conceal 12/03/2015
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4 Skin Conditions Veil Cover Cream Can Hide and Conceal

  Rosacea Rosacea is a relapsing condition which often flares up and then goes through periods where it is less severe. The exact cause of the condition is actually unknown however, possible factors have been suggested which include abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face and a reaction to microscopic mites found on the face. There are also certain things that are known to trigger Rosacea. These include exposure to sunlight, stress, hot and cold weather, spicy foods, strenuous exercise, alcohol and caffeine. The main symptom that Rosacea causes is... Read More

What Veil Cover Cream Shade Am I? 10/03/2015
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What Veil Cover Cream Shade Am I?

Many people often ask us the question “What Veil Cover Cream Shade Am I?”  We do not like to recommend shades as our range is so large (we have over 40 different colours!) We unfortunately do not currently offer a skin colour shade matching service however, we do have three sample kits in our product range that are available to purchase. These come in the shades Light, Medium and Dark. Each kit contains twelve different shades of product and our two finishing powders in Translucent and Dusk to help set... Read More

What Is The Difference Between The Original and The New Shade Veil Demonstration Kits? 02/03/2015
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What Is The Difference Between The Original and The New Shade Veil Demonstration Kits?

When it comes to our Demonstration Kits we find they are the ideal product for makeup artists, cosmetic enthusiasts and of course skin camouflage specialists as they are both compact in book style palette form and contain a whole variety of colours, ideal if you are working with various skin tones. We currently have two versions available to purchase, Original and New Shade. Many people aren’t too sure on which one to go for or what the difference is between the two so we thought we’d  explain the difference.  Firstly... Read More

Veil Tattoo Kit Refills 24/02/2015
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Veil Tattoo Kit Refills

When it comes to tattoos we think they’re great pieces of art work however, there may come a time in your life where you may want to cover and hide your ink. Some brides like to cover their tattoos for their big day whilst others may simply want to conceal their art for an occasion such as a job interview. Whatever the case here at Veil we are here to help with our Tattoo Camouflage Kits. Our kits contains everything you need to prep your skin and conceal your tattoos... Read More

This is an image of various shades of Veil Cover Cream, a high coverage concealer available in a variety of colours to match all skin tones. Veil Cover Cream can conceal tattoos, portwine stain birthmarks, strawberry birthmarks, granuloma annulare, cafe au lait spots, vitiligo, melasma, pigmentation marks, xanthelasma, acne, rosacea, spots, blemishes, redness, blushing, scars, scarring, keloid scars, raynaud's, thread veind, varicose veins, broken capillaries, stretch marks, stork marks and various other skin conditions. 06/01/2015
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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Veil Cover Cream

The shade choice is impressive: Currently, in our range, we have a quite impressive (even if we do say so ourselves!) range of over 40 shades. The colours range from light to dark and include lots of colours in between which also vary in tone. Because of this, the majority of people find it nice and easy to find a colour match. However, if you find that you are in-between colours, Veil Cover Cream shades can be mixed to create your own unique custom shade. It has an easy to... Read More