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Everything You Need To Know About Veil Colour Matching Kits

Curious about our Colour Matching Kits? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve visited our website or follow us on social media, you’ll have heard of our Colour Matching Kits (also sometimes called Sample Kits). These kits are available in Light, Medium and Dark shades to help you perfectly match your skin tone. We even have a handy little tutorial on colour matching right here. Composed of a blister pack of several shades of our Cover Cream and our two Finishing Powders, our Colour Matching Kits introduce you to a range... Read More

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How To Make Your Skin The Least Of Your Worries This Summer

If skin concerns are casting a shadow over your joy for summer, at Veil we’ve got the perfect solution. It’s finally May! After a winter that wasn’t short on snow, spring is certainly making amends with bouts of glorious summer weather. Heatwaves and summer allow us to break free from the numerous layers we burrow under for warmth in cold weather. But for some, this comes with its own problems. If your delight is being dampened by concerns about exposing your skin, you’ve come to the right place. Skin. We’re... Read More

How To Find The Correct Veil Cover Cream Shade For Your Skin 11/06/2016
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How To Find The Correct Veil Cover Cream Shade For Your Skin

Veil Cover Cream is a life changing product. The highly pigmented concealer can conceal a whole variety of skin conditions including those that normal high street products fail to cover up. Veil Cover Cream can conceal the likes of Acne, Rosacea, Vitiligo, Discolouration, Dark Circles, Birthmarks, Redness, Hypopigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Age Spots, Thread Veins, Scars, Broken Capillaries, Melanocytic Nevus, Bruises, Stretchmarks, Xanthelasma and even Tattoos. Veil Cover Cream not only covers up these things very well, the product also makes many people feel added confidence when using Veil Cover Cream.... Read More

Translucent or Dusk, Which Powder Do I Need? 10/06/2016
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Translucent or Dusk, Which Powder Do I Need?

Why Use Veil Finishing Powder? Veil Cover Cream works extremely well on its own. It provides the skin with fantastic coverage and it also has impressive wear time however, if you want the best possible wear time and the most natural looking finish, Veil Finishing Powder is essential. Not only can our finishing powder increase longevity of the creamy pigmented concealer, it can also decrease the risk of your concealer smudging and budging and it can eliminate shine from the skin, which is particularly good for the Summer months and for... Read More

Contouring With Veil Cover Cream 30/09/2015
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Contouring With Veil Cover Cream

What Is Contouring? Contouring is the process of applying products to the face to give shape and define specific areas of the face to enhance the facial structure. For example, you can contour under the cheek bones to achieve the illusion of a more prominent bone structure, you can contour the nose to make it look smaller, bigger, longer or shorter, you can even contour the jaw to make the face appear slimmer. This technique is great as it can be used to achieve subtle illusions and it can also be... Read More

What Is Veil Cover Cream in Mauve Used For? 20/08/2015
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What Is Veil Cover Cream in Mauve Used For?

When it comes to our Mauve Cover Cream, and all of our colour correcting shades for that matter, we get asked a lot about what the shades are used for. Our Cover Cream in Mauve is a light shade of purple, similar to a lilac colour. Mauve isn’t a shade that you’d necessarily pop all over the area you’re trying to camouflage, it is a shade that you apply to those sallow yellow tones of the skin. This works really well on things like bruising plus it can also be... Read More

5 Uses For The Veil Witch Hazel Cream 22/06/2015
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5 Uses For The Veil Witch Hazel Cream

1. Prevents blemishes The Veil Witch Hazel Cream is a natural astringent which means that it has the ability to remove excess oil from the skin and temporarily shrinks the pores. During day to day life our skin is exposed to lots of environmental pollutants. These pollutants enter our skin via our pores and in many cases end up blocking the pores and causing breakouts and blemishes. These can be in the form of pustules (pus filled spots) or comedones (blackheads) Also it isn’t just pollutants that block our pores, Sebum,... Read More

3 Occasions When You Might Need The Veil Tattoo Kit 16/06/2015
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3 Occasions When You Might Need The Veil Tattoo Kit

When it comes to tattoos we are certainly fans of the pretty, bold and often unique art work and believe everyone should be able to express themselves. However, we understand that there may be times in your life where you may wish to cover up and conceal your tattoo. We have a range of tattoo camouflage products to help with this. Whether you wish to cover up your ink for a one off occasion or you want to conceal more regularly, our products can certainly get the job done. Ever... Read More

How To Increase The Wear Time Of Veil Cover Cream 15/06/2015
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How To Increase The Wear Time Of Veil Cover Cream

Although our Cover Cream has pretty great lasting power on its own, as Summer approaches we want our camouflage to really last through the warm weather and even when we go abroad on holiday to hotter climates. We find there are two excellent ways of ensuring that we get the absolute maximum wear time possible out of our camouflage product. These ways are: Use Cleanser and Toning Lotion Before Application Before applying your Veil Cover Cream you should ensure that your skin is nice and clean but also free from... Read More