Look Good Feel Better in Middlesbrough and County Durham using Veil products such as high coverage concealer Veil Cover Cream on workshop attendees 02/10/2018
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Look Good Feel Better Workshop Featuring Veil Cover Cream

What is Look Good Feel Better? Last week, our products were used in a workshop by charity Look Good Feel Better. We’re honoured to support this charity and have done for many years. Look Good Feel Better is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers. The charity is dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment. One way in which they do this is by offering complimentary groups sessions. In these sessions, LGFB teaches beauty techniques to... Read More

Acne Concealer 16/06/2016
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Acne Concealer

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects lots of people. The condition causes red inflamed spots that are often very sore. The condition can also cause oily skin. Acne usually affects the face but it can also affect the back and the chest. The skin condition is caused when the hair follicles in the skin become blocked. This occurs because the sebaceous gland (a gland that secretes oil to keep the skin and hair lubricated) simply produces too much sebum (the medical name for the oily substance that is... Read More

Veil Cover Cream Is A Long Lasting Concealer 21/05/2016
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Veil Cover Cream Is A Long Lasting Concealer

Because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment in comparison to the average high street concealer, not only does it provide the skin with excellent coverage, it is also a great long lasting concealer. When applied correctly and blended thoroughly into the skin, Veil Cover Cream should stay in place throughout the day, maintaining its flawless yet natural looking finish. Veil Cover Cream is even waterproof meaning that you can swim whilst wearing the camouflage makeup. To enhance the wear time of your full coverage concealer further, we recommend applying a... Read More

Thread Vein Concealer 17/05/2016
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Thread Vein Concealer

What are Thread Veins? Thread Veins, also known as Spider Veins or their medical name Telangiectasias, are small dilated blood vessels that appear the surface of the skin. They can measure anywhere between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter and can appear anywhere on the body. Thread Veins most commonly occur on the face particularly on nose, cheeks and chin but they are often found on the legs too. What Causes Thread Veins Thread Veins occur when the small blood vessels in the skin (the capillaries) permanently dilate and rupture. This causes... Read More

Economical Full Coverage Concealer 16/05/2016
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Economical Full Coverage Concealer

When you are looking to purchase your first pot of Veil Cover Cream high coverage concealer after you’ve discovered your perfect colour match from the Colour Matching Sample Kit, one thing that you might look at is the price. One of the things that sets Veil Cover Cream apart from other full coverage concealers is the fact that it is very economical in use. This means that a very small amount of product goes a long way meaning that a pot of concealer can last a long time. Because of this Veil... Read More

A Waterproof Concealer That Is Safe For Swimming 15/05/2016
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A Waterproof Concealer That Is Safe For Swimming

Did you know Veil Cover Cream is a waterproof concealer? Not only does the high coverage concealer provide the skin with excellent pigmentation, it can also withstand water. If you are unfortunately caught up in a rain storm fear not, your concealer cover up will stay in place. Alternatively if you are lucky enough to be sunning it up and splashing around in the pool, your Cover Cream will also stay put. To ensure that your concealer stays in the best condition possible, after the area has been exposed to... Read More

Syreeta Uses High Coverage Concealer To Conceal Her Facial Scarring 14/05/2016
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Syreeta Uses High Coverage Concealer To Conceal Her Facial Scarring

Syreeta purchased a Veil Sample Kit from our website to cover up and conceal a facial scar. Each Veil Sample Kit contains 12 different shades of high coverage concealer that enables the user to cover a variety of different skin conditions such as Acne, Vitiligo, Rosacea, Birthmarks, Tattoos and Scarring as well as many other things. Syreeta very kindly left us her thoughts and feedback on the Veil Sample Kit after trying the product out to cover up her area of concern. Here is what Syreeta had to say: “I purchased... Read More

5 Videos Featuring Veil Cover Cream 09/05/2016
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5 Videos Featuring Veil Cover Cream

Veil Cover Cream, a high coverage concealer product, has appeared in quite a few YouTube videos created by some very popular and talented vloggers (video bloggers) from around the globe. Although there are many available to watch on the video sharing website where people cover up birthmarks, scars, tattoos, blemishes, acne, rosacea and more, we thought we’d share a handful of videos for you to check out.                 Bex Renshaw Uses Veil Cover Cream To Cover Up Her Tattoo: Bex uses Veil Cover Cream... Read More

Full Coverage Vitiligo Concealer 08/05/2016
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Full Coverage Vitiligo Concealer

Sylvia is a lady who uses the full coverage concealer, Veil Cover Cream as a Vitiligo cover up. Vitiligo is a long term skin condition that causes pale white patches on the skin. The condition can effect any ethnicity, gender or age and the full cause of the condition is currently uncertain. The condition occurs when there is a lack of Melanin (pigment) in the skin and has been linked to problems with the nerve endings and with the immune system. Here is what Sylvia had to say about Veil... Read More

Acne Rosacea Concealer 07/05/2016
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Acne Rosacea Concealer

Veil Cover Cream is not only a product that can cover up and conceal the physical appearance of skin conditions, it is also a product that can help improve the emotional effects that can come along with skin conditions. Below is a five star review from Kelly, a lady who uses high coverage concealer product Veil Cover Cream to cover up and conceal her Acne Rosacea. Here is what Kelly had to say: “I have been using Veil products for many years now. I suffer from Acne Rosacea and had... Read More