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5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream 28/04/2016
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5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream

1. Hiding Birthmarks, Pigmentation Marks, Vitiligo, Acne and other skin conditions: Because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment than standard concealer, it provides the skin with extremely high coverage. This means that covering skin conditions like Vitiligo, Acne, Pigmentation Marks, Rosacea and Birthmarks is an easy task as you only need a small amount of product to conceal the area. Another plus is that Veil Cover Cream is long lasting and when you apply our Finishing Powder to set the area, you increase the longevity of the product and give the camouflage a... Read More

Colouring Correcting Concealers 27/04/2016
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Colouring Correcting Concealers

If you’ve ever looked at our shade range you may have noticed that we have a selection of colour correcting concealer shades. These shades are not skin tone coloured but instead are Mauve, Yellow and Green in colour. These shade might seem scary at first but they play a key role at counteracting certain tones in the skin. Mauve When you look at a basic colour wheel you will notice that the colour purple is directly across from the colour yellow. This means that the two colours cancel each other out.... Read More

What Is Rosacea and Can It Be Concealed? 19/04/2016
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What Is Rosacea and Can It Be Concealed?

What Is Rosacea? Rosacea is a very common chronic inflammatory skin condition that is poorly understood. The condition gives the skin a flushed appearance and a major symptom is the development of spots. According to the NHS, 1 in 10 people in the UK may have Rosacea with people most commonly being diagnosed between the ages of 30 and 50. Rosacea Symptoms: Stinging or burning sensations in the skin. Visible small blood vessels. Permanent redness. Pus filled blister like spots. Small rash like pimples. What Causes Rosacea? It is currently... Read More

Laura Thinks Veil Is Worth Every Penny 26/03/2016
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Laura Thinks Veil Is Worth Every Penny

Here are Laura’s thoughts on Veil Cover Cream: “I have rosacea on my checks and have found veil cream the best there is to cover the redness. I don’t fight the redness anymore I use a small amount of foundation and the rose veil cream to cover the blotchy red patches. It’s worth every penny to me and it only takes me 10 minutes to do my make up now. Thank you.”

Rosacea Cover Up 22/03/2016
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Rosacea Cover Up

Check out Christopher’s five star review of Veil Cover Cream: “I got this foundation and powder in an attempt to cover up rosacea (involuntary blushing mainly on face but often red blotches on chest and neck also). This make up has worked a treat and I am feeling so much better about myself. I ordered the sample kit and after a few days had found my perfect match ( I got about 2-3 applications per sample colour) so I now use that and the powder. Very pleased, performs well and... Read More

Mrs Williams Can "Face The World Again" After Trying Veil 09/03/2016
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Mrs Williams Can “Face The World Again” After Trying Veil

Check this fantastic review from Mrs Williams, a lady who tried out Veil Cover Cream in the shade Brown: “Having suffered with Rosacea for many years this cream was recommended to me by the British Red Cross for people who have facial skin conditions, its the best thing ever for me as it totally camouflages all my facial redness giving me a blemish free look which in turn makes me confident to go out and people actually don’t stare at me anymore. It is waterproof and last 24 hours. Buy... Read More

Veil Cover Cream Is A Blessing In Disguise 10/02/2016
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Veil Cover Cream Is A Blessing In Disguise

Check out this great review from one of our customers: “This review is for Veil Cover Cream by Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creams. I have bad red blotchy skin because I have Rosacea. I have permanent red cheeks and forehead. I also suffer from patches of dry scaley skin. I get the occasional pimple here and there too, but mostly my problem is having a red face. I have tried many different makeups; from Neutrogena and Physcians Formula, and the worst thing ever Bare Minerals. (Dont ever use Bare Minerals if... Read More

Veil Cover Cream Is Worth It 08/02/2016
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Veil Cover Cream Is Worth It

Check out this fantastic review written by one of our customers: “This review is for Veil Cover Cream. There aren’t many reviews our there for it and I couldn’t figure out a way to review it on their site, so I specifically registered here to post something! First off, I have just started developing rosacea and I have always blushed very easily my whole life. Unfortunately I have only just recently realized that makeup could help boost my confidence when my face is a blotchy red mess. A shower, a... Read More