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Inspirational People: Darius Vernon 16/09/2016

Inspirational People: Darius Vernon

Darius Vernon is a 30-year-old aspiring male model who has the condition Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition which causes the skin to lose its pigmentation which causes white patches to develop on the skin. Darius first developed the condition when he was 12 years old with the skin condition first causing Darius to lose the pigmentation in his hands. Darius told the Daily Mail “I went to the doctors in 2000 and they diagnosed me with vitiligo. I remember holding my mum’s hands and squeezing them because the name just sounded... Read More

Inspirational People: Winnie Harlow 14/09/2016

Inspirational People: Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow is a 22-year-old Canadian who has the condition Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes white patches to develop on the skin due to a lack of pigment in the skin. Winnie was diagnosed with Vitiligo at the age of four years old. Throughout her childhood, Winnie suffered bullying due to her condition which resulted in her changing schools on a number of occasions. According to the Daily Mail, it wasn’t until a Canadian journalist saw Winnie’s Facebook page and told her she was “strikingly beautiful” that Winnie... Read More

Inspirational People: Nile Goodlad 13/09/2016

Inspirational People: Nile Goodlad

Nile Goodlad is a 20-year-old from Walsall. Nile has Vitiligo which means that his skin loses its pigmentation which results in white patches developing in the skin. Nile first noticed his Vitiligo when he was nine years old. The condition began on his chest, legs and arms and as time has gone on, the condition has spread and now affects his face. As a teenager, Nile was never bullied for being different but understandably he still felt self-conscious due to his condition. Nile who is an animal rescue volunteer now feels comfortable... Read More

Inspirational People: Kannagi Shanbag 12/09/2016

Inspirational People: Kannagi Shanbag

Kannagi Shanbag is a 26-year-old woman from Auckland, New Zealand. Kannagi has Vitiligo, a condition which causes white patches to develop on the skin due to a lack of the pigment within the skin. Kannagi developed the condition when she was 16 years of age and as of today, 40 percent of her body is now covered in Vitiligo patches with her face, hands and feet all being affected. Kannagi grew up in India but also spend time in London before settling in New Zealand. Kannagi told the Daily Mail:... Read More

Full Coverage Vitiligo Concealer 08/05/2016
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Full Coverage Vitiligo Concealer

Sylvia is a lady who uses the full coverage concealer, Veil Cover Cream as a Vitiligo cover up. Vitiligo is a long term skin condition that causes pale white patches on the skin. The condition can effect any ethnicity, gender or age and the full cause of the condition is currently uncertain. The condition occurs when there is a lack of Melanin (pigment) in the skin and has been linked to problems with the nerve endings and with the immune system. Here is what Sylvia had to say about Veil... Read More

5 Interesting Facts About Veil Cover Cream 04/05/2016
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5 Interesting Facts About Veil Cover Cream

1. Veil Cover Cream & all other Veil products are handmade in the United Kingdom All products in the Veil range are made by hand by our experienced production team in Burnopfield, Count Durham. We follow the original manufacturing process that was created by our founder as it is what makes our products so effective. We use simple raw materials that have been sourced in the UK to create our products and non of our products have been tested on animals. 2. Veil Cover Cream has been around since 1952 Veil Cover... Read More

The History Of Veil Cover Cream Skin Camouflage Makeup 29/04/2016
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The History Of Veil Cover Cream Skin Camouflage Makeup

Did you know Veil Cover Cream has been around since 1952? Originally Veil Cover Cream was created to conceal post-operative scars after Mr Thomas Blake, our founder, was asked to formulate a cover cream by a pioneering plastic surgeon. Before going on general sale in 1952, Veil Cover Cream was first used by “The Guinea Pigs Club” at East Grinstead. The Guinea Pig Club was a social club and support group for British and allied aircrew who had been injured in World War II. Back then there were just three... Read More

5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream 28/04/2016
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5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream

1. Hiding Birthmarks, Pigmentation Marks, Vitiligo, Acne and other skin conditions: Because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment than standard concealer, it provides the skin with extremely high coverage. This means that covering skin conditions like Vitiligo, Acne, Pigmentation Marks, Rosacea and Birthmarks is an easy task as you only need a small amount of product to conceal the area. Another plus is that Veil Cover Cream is long lasting and when you apply our Finishing Powder to set the area, you increase the longevity of the product and give the camouflage a... Read More

This is a before and after photograph of Veil Cover Cream concealing Vitiligo, a skin condition which causes white patches on the skin. 25/04/2016
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How To Cover Vitiligo

What Is Vitiligo? Vitiligo is a condition that occurs in the skin which causes white pale patches. The condition can affect any gender, age and ethnicity. The condition is long term and occurs when there is a lack of a chemical called Melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by special cells called Melanocytes which give the skin its colour. They also help protect our skin from the sun. The cause of this lack of melanin is not known for certain. However, the condition Vitiligo has been linked to problems... Read More