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How To Cover Dark Circles 08/03/2016
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How To Cover Dark Circles

Veil Cover Cream isn’t just a product that can be used to hide and conceal skin conditions like Vitiligo and Acne, it can also be used for covering up things like Dark Circles. Dark Circles are very, very common. They can be caused by working too hard, not getting enough sleep and they can even be down to genetics. Many people attempt to cover up their Dark Circles with the help of makeup and cosmetics but depending on how dark the circles are, this can sometimes be a difficult task.... Read More

Vitiligo, What Is It and How Can Veil Cover Cream Cover It? 04/03/2016
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Vitiligo, What Is It and How Can Veil Cover Cream Cover It?

What Is Vitiligo? If you are not aware, Vitiligo is a condition that causes white patches to develop on the skin due to a lack of a chemical called melanin. Vitiligo is a long term condition that can affect any area of the skin. The condition differs from person to person as some people get large patches which eventually join up whereas others only get a few small patches. The most commonly effected areas are those on skin that are exposed to the sun such as the hands, face and the... Read More

What Can Veil Cover Cream Cover? 01/12/2015
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What Can Veil Cover Cream Cover?

Here is a list of just some of the skin conditions that Veil Cover Cream can cover: Vitiligo Eczema Psoriasis Acne Scarring Port Wine Stain Café au lait spots Mongolian spots Stork Marks Strawberry Marks Xanthelasma Rosacea Melasma Blushing and Flushing Stretch Marks Hypo Pigmentation Hyper Pigmentation Thread Veins/Broken Capillaries/Spider Veins Melasma/Chloasma Freckles Birthmarks Redness Bruising Age Spots Dark Under Eye Circles Tattoos Spots and Blemishes