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This is a photograph of a day of the dead/Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull makeup look created by DootsyBeauty using Veil Cover Cream as a base for the look for Halloween. 31/10/2019

3 Great Halloween Looks Created Using Veil Cover Cream

Happy Halloween! The much anticipated spooky day is finally upon us! One thing we love about Halloween is dressing up. Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite character, something cute or spooky, Halloween is a fun time of year. During the spooky period, we have been enjoying seeing all your fantastic makeup looks. Today we thought we’d showcase 3 of our favourite Halloween looks that we’ve been tagged in on social media. These three looks have all been created by incredibly talented individuals. We’ve been super impressed by each one.... Read More

This is an image of the Veil Full Brush and Latex-Free Sponge Set which consists of a bright pink beauty blending sponge, a strippling brush and a small precision brush for hard to reach areas. 24/10/2019

How To Apply Veil Cover Cream Quickly and Effortlessly

Veil Cover Cream is a fantastic full coverage camouflage cream concealer. It can cover up and conceal a variety of skin conditions thanks to its high pigmentation. Veil Cover Cream contains much more pigment in comparison to your average high street concealer. This along with its soft and easy to blend formula is what makes the trusted product stand out. Although some users of Veil Cover Cream choose to simply apply the product using their fingers, we do also have tools available to help. These tools are designed to aid... Read More

This is an image of the Derwentside Breast Friends logo featuring three pink breast cancer ribbons. 18/10/2019

Support Derwentside Breast Friends With Veil Cover Cream Products

Did you know that October is breast cancer awareness month? Breast cancer awareness month is an annual international campaign designed to increase the awareness of the disease. Not only that but also to raise funds. The funds raised are then used for early detection campaigns, research and for support to those affected by breast cancer, therefore, it is a very important campaign. At Veil, we feel honoured to support local North East based voluntary breast cancer support group, Derwentside Breast Friends. This fantastic group offers advice, friendship and support to... Read More

This is an image of Rae Denman, an expert in medical makeup, medical tattooing and skin camouflage. 17/10/2019

Coming Soon: The Rae Denman Range By Veil Cover Cream

Here at Veil over the years we have created a wide range of colours to suit a large variety of different skin tones. Recently we added our five new dark shades taking our total number of colours up to 48. We believe that finding a colour to match your skin tone perfectly should be a simple and easy task. This was the reason why we created our Colour Matching Kits for easy at-home colour matching. Although our colour range is large and most people can find a colour to perfectly... Read More

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great 03/10/2019

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great

With the colder weather here one thing that can greatly suffer is our skin. During the winter months, the cold air tightens our skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation. This effect causes the skins natural oil production to reduce. Not only that but because of the change in the air, our skin also dries out. These two factors alone can often cause the skin to appear more dry and flakey which can be frustrating. Many people find dryness one of the biggest winter skincare problems but it doesn’t have to... Read More

How To Create Amazing Halloween Makeup With Veil Cover Cream 03/10/2019

How To Create Amazing Halloween Makeup With Veil Cover Cream

As October is upon us the dark nights are well and truly beginning to set in. Do you know what that means? Halloween is incoming! Halloween is a fantastic time of year for both adults and kids. Not only is the holiday full of exciting horror movies, spooky scares and lots of sweeties, it also means that we can dress up. Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite character or something a little scarier, Veil Cover Cream can help create some amazing Halloween makeup looks. Create Amazing Halloween Makeup with... Read More

How To Hide Dark Undereye Circles With Just 2 Miracle Products 12/09/2019

How To Hide Dark Under Eye Circles With Just 3 Miracle Products

Dark undereye circles are incredibly common. They can appear for many reasons. Perhaps you are stressed or tired? Or maybe you have dark eye bags purely due to genetics? Whatever the reason we understand that these under eye circles can affect both your confidence and your self-esteem. Because of this, you may wish to cover up and conceal your dark circles. That being said, you’ve probably found that regular high street concealer brands just don’t cut it. Enter the miracle trio of Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles & Veil... Read More

Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream Is The Ultimate Skin Cooling Treatment 05/09/2019

Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream Is The Ultimate Skin Cooling Treatment

Hot, irritated and itchy skin can be an incredibly frustrating thing. Whether it’s caused by sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, heat rash, hives or prickly heat, hot and itchy skin is never pleasant. If you are looking for a solution to help soothe your skin, Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream is the ultimate skin cooling treatment. Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream both soothes and hydrates the skin Our newly launched Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream is created using pure menthol crystals. This powerful ingredient triggers the cold receptors in the skin which... Read More

A photograph of Dudu Osun African Black Soap 29/08/2019

How To Achieve Glowing Clear Skin With Dudu Osun African Black Soap

One thing that many people strive for is healthy-looking, glowing skin. However, that’s not always easy to achieve. With many products on the market, you might be stuck on which lotions and potions to opt for. One of the products that has taken the world by storm is Dudu Osun African Black Soap. The reason why? Because it gives excellent results. The African black soap has become a much talked about product as it effectively cleanses the skin leaving the skin with a beautiful glowing effect. Those who suffer from... Read More

A photograph of Veil Yellow Soft Paraffin 22/08/2019

Yellow Soft Paraffin: The Multi-Use Product That Is Kinder To The Planet

One of the most well known and used beauty products in the world is Yellow Soft Paraffin. Or Petroleum Jelly as it’s also known as. The multi-use product was first discovered back in 1859 in the USA when oil rig workers discovered the paraffin-like material forming on their rigs after it caused them to malfunction. However, they made use of the material by applying it to skin cuts as they believed it speeded up the healing of abrasions. Fast forward a few years and a young chemist put to work... Read More