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Bridal Makeup Tips With Jo Leversuch MUA

Makeup is a big part of  prepararing for a wedding – particularly if you’re the bride! Makeup artist Jo Leversuch shares with us some great tips for every bride. Whether or not you decide to get the professionals in for your big day, it’s always important to test out various products and find what works well for your skin before you walk down the aisle. We all want our foundations to look perfect and last all day long. Whether we are going to a wedding, special occasion, prom, or night... Read More


The Truth About Under Eye Circles & How To Hide Them

Under eye circles, or bags are one of the first signs of tiredness and dehydration. But there are a lot of myths as to why they exist and how to deal with them. Today we are going to debunk just some of these rumours. We’re also going to give you our top tips on how to reduce their appearance. So without further ado, let’s get talking about under eye circles. Did you know… Did you know that the skin around your eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the... Read More

A Concealer To Cover Dark Circles 13/06/2016
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A Concealer To Cover Dark Circles

Dark Circles are very common. Many men and women have dark circles at some point in their lives and despite what many people think, dark circles aren’t just caused by tiredness and lack of sleep. Sometimes dark circles are simply inherited. Dark circles can also be causes by sun damage, iron deficiency, allergies, stress, lifestyle choices and various other things, even oversleeping. Dark circles can occur in any gender, race or age but those with pale or thin skin are most likely to experience dark circles as they appear when... Read More

Dark Circle Concealer 23/05/2016
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Dark Circle Concealer

What Are Dark Circles and What Causes Dark Them? Dark circles are very common. Many women and men at some point in their lives experience dark circles or Periorbital dark circles as they’re medically known. Many people believe that these dark blemishes around the eyes are caused purely by lack of sleep and being tired. While being fatigued can cause dark circles, there are other causes too. Some dark circles can be hereditary which are inherited via a parent and can occur even in children. Some dark circles can actually be causes... Read More

5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream 28/04/2016
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5 Uses For Veil Cover Cream

1. Hiding Birthmarks, Pigmentation Marks, Vitiligo, Acne and other skin conditions: Because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment than standard concealer, it provides the skin with extremely high coverage. This means that covering skin conditions like Vitiligo, Acne, Pigmentation Marks, Rosacea and Birthmarks is an easy task as you only need a small amount of product to conceal the area. Another plus is that Veil Cover Cream is long lasting and when you apply our Finishing Powder to set the area, you increase the longevity of the product and give the camouflage a... Read More

How To Cover Dark Circles 08/03/2016
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How To Cover Dark Circles

Veil Cover Cream isn’t just a product that can be used to hide and conceal skin conditions like Vitiligo and Acne, it can also be used for covering up things like Dark Circles. Dark Circles are very, very common. They can be caused by working too hard, not getting enough sleep and they can even be down to genetics. Many people attempt to cover up their Dark Circles with the help of makeup and cosmetics but depending on how dark the circles are, this can sometimes be a difficult task.... Read More

This is an image of various shades of Veil Cover Cream, a high coverage concealer available in a variety of colours to match all skin tones. Veil Cover Cream can conceal tattoos, portwine stain birthmarks, strawberry birthmarks, granuloma annulare, cafe au lait spots, vitiligo, melasma, pigmentation marks, xanthelasma, acne, rosacea, spots, blemishes, redness, blushing, scars, scarring, keloid scars, raynaud's, thread veind, varicose veins, broken capillaries, stretch marks, stork marks and various other skin conditions. 06/01/2015
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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Veil Cover Cream

The shade choice is impressive: Currently, in our range, we have a quite impressive (even if we do say so ourselves!) range of over 40 shades. The colours range from light to dark and include lots of colours in between which also vary in tone. Because of this, the majority of people find it nice and easy to find a colour match. However, if you find that you are in-between colours, Veil Cover Cream shades can be mixed to create your own unique custom shade. It has an easy to... Read More