Dry Skin

This is an image of Veil Rejuve-Oil. a pink coloured liquid that comes in a transparent bottle with a white and orange label upon it. The product is designed to treat scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones whilst hydrating the skin and improving dry skin. 19/03/2020

Introducing Hydrating Rejuve-Oil To Fight Scars & Stretch Marks

When it comes to our skin things like scars, stretch marks and having an uneven skin tone are all incredibly common. Although common, they can cause severe confidence issues but there are products available to help. This is where Veil Rejuve-Oil comes in. This brand new rejuvenating oil is packed full of Vitamin E. This makes it great for treating even sensitive skin, although a small patch test is always advised. Rejuve-Oil contains chamomile oil, rosemary oil and sunflower oil. The formula works to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch... Read More

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great 03/10/2019

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great

With the colder weather here one thing that can greatly suffer is our skin. During the winter months, the cold air tightens our skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation. This effect causes the skins natural oil production to reduce. Not only that but because of the change in the air, our skin also dries out. These two factors alone can often cause the skin to appear more dry and flakey which can be frustrating. Many people find dryness one of the biggest winter skincare problems but it doesn’t have to... Read More

A photograph of Veil Yellow Soft Paraffin 22/08/2019

Yellow Soft Paraffin: The Multi-Use Product That Is Kinder To The Planet

One of the most well known and used beauty products in the world is Yellow Soft Paraffin. Or Petroleum Jelly as it’s also known as. The multi-use product was first discovered back in 1859 in the USA when oil rig workers discovered the paraffin-like material forming on their rigs after it caused them to malfunction. However, they made use of the material by applying it to skin cuts as they believed it speeded up the healing of abrasions. Fast forward a few years and a young chemist put to work... Read More

This picture contains Veil Skincare products that are perfect for adding into your skincare routine 15/06/2018

Show Your Skin Some Love With Veil’s Skincare Range

Taking care of your skin is arguably even more important than makeup. What you eat and skincare are both key to creating a foundation to build on with makeup. At Veil, our lush skincare range has the perfect products to show your skin some love with. Here’s the lowdown on our skincare products: Like it smooth? Our Rich Nourishing Cream is just what you need. Veil’s Rich Nourishing Cream is a lovely textured cream made with the purest Almond Oil. As quick as brushing your teeth, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate... Read More

2 Great Products To Help Treat Dry Feet 05/05/2016

2 Great Products To Help Treat Dry Feet

Treat Dry Feet With Veil Skincare Products Dry skin on the feet can be a problem for many people. In our skincare range we have two products that can help with this to help you achieve soft and smooth feet that you desire. Veil Witch Hazel Cream The first product that can help dry feet is the Veil Witch Hazel Cream. This cream is a very smooth emollient which means that it helps to reduce water loss in the skin as well as covering it with a protective film to... Read More

Dry Feet? Linda Recommends Veil Rich Nourishing Cream 14/03/2016

Dry Feet? Linda Recommends Veil Rich Nourishing Cream

Customer Linda tried out Veil Rich Nourishing Cream on her feet. Here is what she had to say: “In the past my feet were always dry no matter which creams I used. The Veil product is so rich that it keeps my feet moist all day. I cannot recommend it enough. It will be part of my stocking stuffers this Christmas. Great product and such a reasonable price.”

Super Soft Feet With Veil Rich Nourishing Cream 30/03/2015
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Super Soft Feet With Veil Rich Nourishing Cream

When it comes to dry skin we know that it can be a pain. Sometimes your average moisturiser just cannot help the issue however we have a product to help you and that product is our Rich Nourishing Cream. This cream is excellent at moisturising the skin thanks to one of its ingredients which is the purest Almond Oil. Almond Oil is known for its skin treating properties. Almond Oil is great for improving the complexion and retaining glow, relieving dry and irritated skin, soothing skin irritation and inflammation, nourishing... Read More