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This is an image of Veil Finishing Powder, a finely milled product designed to set makeup in place, eliminate shine and increase wear time. 07/11/2019
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Increase Makeup Wear Time With Veil Finishing Powder

When it comes to applying makeup one of the key qualities many look for is long wear time. There’s nothing worse than putting on your makeup and within a couple of hours, you notice it’s all wore off or become patchy. With our product Veil Cover Cream, this already has impressive wear time. This is thanks to an unbeatable formula consisting of an easy to work with texture and high pigment content. Now although Veil Cover Cream’s longevity is impressive, it can be increased further with one complimentary product. That... Read More

Translucent or Dusk, Which Powder Do I Need? 10/06/2016
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Translucent or Dusk, Which Powder Do I Need?

Why Use Veil Finishing Powder? Veil Cover Cream works extremely well on its own. It provides the skin with fantastic coverage and it also has impressive wear time however, if you want the best possible wear time and the most natural looking finish, Veil Finishing Powder is essential. Not only can our finishing powder increase longevity of the creamy pigmented concealer, it can also decrease the risk of your concealer smudging and budging and it can eliminate shine from the skin, which is particularly good for the Summer months and for... Read More

How Do I Remove Veil Cover Cream? 23/02/2015

How Do I Remove Veil Cover Cream?

Here at Thomas Blake Cosmetics Creams Ltd we often get asked how to remove our Veil Cover Cream. Because our Cover Cream has such great lasting power, especially when our Finishing Powder is applied on top, our Skincare range is perfect for easy, fuss free removal. Check out our quick and easy guide below on how to remove your camouflage makeup.   Step 1: Cleanse The first step to removing your Veil Cover Cream is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. To do this you should take a small amount of the Veil... Read More