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3 Reasons Why Veil Cover Cream Is The Best Concealer 19/06/2016

3 Reasons Why Veil Cover Cream Is The Best Concealer

1. Veil Cover Cream Is Handmade In The UK All Veil Cover Cream products are made by our team of highly skilled manufacturing staff in County Durham. Products are made by hand to ensure the best possible quality control and to ensure that Veil Cover Cream sticks to the original recipe and formula that was created by our talented founder Mr Thomas Blake who was a forward thinking and inspired cosmetic chemist. All ingredients that we use to make our products are sourced from within the UK and are to of a very... Read More

A before and after picture of someone who used Veil Cover Cream to conceal Stretch Marks 29/05/2016
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Why Veil Cover Cream Is The Best Stretch Mark Concealer

Stretch marks are incredibly common, especially in women and young girls. They’re certainly nothing to be ashamed of and can occur because of a number of reasons. That being said many find themselves feeling self-conscious of their stretch marks and wish to cover up and conceal them. This can especially be the case when stretch marks may be on show. For example, during the Summer months or for special events like Weddings where dresses tend to be the attire of choice. What are Stretch Marks? We all know how common... Read More

4 Skin Conditions That Veil Cover Cream Can Hide and Conceal 12/03/2015
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4 Skin Conditions Veil Cover Cream Can Hide and Conceal

  Rosacea Rosacea is a relapsing condition which often flares up and then goes through periods where it is less severe. The exact cause of the condition is actually unknown however, possible factors have been suggested which include abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face and a reaction to microscopic mites found on the face. There are also certain things that are known to trigger Rosacea. These include exposure to sunlight, stress, hot and cold weather, spicy foods, strenuous exercise, alcohol and caffeine. The main symptom that Rosacea causes is... Read More