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Bridal Makeup Tips With Jo Leversuch MUA

Makeup is a big part of  prepararing for a wedding – particularly if you’re the bride! Makeup artist Jo Leversuch shares with us some great tips for every bride. Whether or not you decide to get the professionals in for your big day, it’s always important to test out various products and find what works well for your skin before you walk down the aisle. We all want our foundations to look perfect and last all day long. Whether we are going to a wedding, special occasion, prom, or night... Read More

Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage makeup product designed to cover up and conceal birthmarks including strawberry birthmarks and port wine stains, vitiligo, scars, scarring, keloid scars, pigmentation marks, xanthelasma, melasma, acne, spots, blemishes, redness, rosacea, cafe au lait spots, broken capillaries, spider veins. varicose veins, raynaud's, redness, blushing and more. 31/07/2017

Be Summer ready with Veil Cover Cream

Summer is in full swing, and so is the opportunity to show some skin! Lounging at the beach, garden parties and BBQ’s all call for pretty dresses and bikinis. But for some people, the thought of wearing Summer clothes fills them with dread. If you’re feeling this way, you’re certainly not alone. Thread veins affect around one in five women in their 20’s, a figure that rises to around half by the age of forty and continues to increase. By the age of 70 over 70% of women have some... Read More

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Guest Post: Jo Leversuch MUA – Why I love Veil Cover Cream!

We’re so excited to share a guest post by Jo Leversuch, a professional makeup artist who has worked with many clients around the world. She has worked with models at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and in publications nationally and internationally.  As a professional makeup artist, one thing I’m often asked is which foundation offers the best long lasting coverage, can even out skin tone and smooth skin imperfections? I’ve seriously tried and tested many but now I can confidently shout from the rooftops ‘it’s Veil Cover Cream!’... Read More

MUA Sheldon Marsden Shows The Results Of Veil Cover Cream 20/09/2015

MUA Sheldon Marsden Shows The Results Of Veil Cover Cream

Check out Makeup Artist Sheldon Marsden’s before and after picture of her friend’s pigmentation marks: #mua #makeup #makeupaddict #camouflagemakeup #veilcamouflagepallette #veil #veilcovercream #camouflage #coverup #pigmentation #amazing #confidence #college #friend A photo posted by sheldon (@sheldon_marsden_mua) on Sep 17, 2014 at 9:27am PDT

What Is The Difference Between The Original and The New Shade Veil Demonstration Kits? 02/03/2015
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What Is The Difference Between The Original and The New Shade Veil Demonstration Kits?

When it comes to our Demonstration Kits we find they are the ideal product for makeup artists, cosmetic enthusiasts and of course skin camouflage specialists as they are both compact in book style palette form and contain a whole variety of colours, ideal if you are working with various skin tones. We currently have two versions available to purchase, Original and New Shade. Many people aren’t too sure on which one to go for or what the difference is between the two so we thought we’d  explain the difference.  Firstly... Read More