An image of ProEvia Cream, a product designed to relieve itching caused by conditions like Eczema, sunburn and insect bites 15/08/2019

How To Relieve Itchy Skin With ProEvia Cream

One of the most annoying skin complaints is itchy skin. Whether you suffer from Eczema, irritation from shaving, dry skin or general irritation, itchy skin can be a frustrating issue. Sometimes itchy skin will simply clear up on its own. However, there are occasions where you may find yourself looking for a solution to relieve itchy skin. Fighting the itch during the Summer months with ProEvia Cream During the Summer months, itching can be a bigger issue for many. With the likes of sunburn and insect bites more likely to occur... Read More

5 Uses For The Veil Witch Hazel Cream 22/06/2015
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5 Uses For The Veil Witch Hazel Cream

1. Prevents blemishes The Veil Witch Hazel Cream is a natural astringent which means that it has the ability to remove excess oil from the skin and temporarily shrinks the pores. During day to day life our skin is exposed to lots of environmental pollutants. These pollutants enter our skin via our pores and in many cases end up blocking the pores and causing breakouts and blemishes. These can be in the form of pustules (pus filled spots) or comedones (blackheads) Also it isn’t just pollutants that block our pores, Sebum,... Read More