This is an image of a tattoo being concealed using high coverage makeup Veil Cover Cream to hide its appearance. 30/01/2020

When Might You Want To Cover Up & Conceal Your Tattoo?

Today tattoos are huge. In the past tattoos weren’t so popular but nowadays the act of getting inked is on the rise. With designs being able to be tailored to your exact taste, the body art choices available are truly endless. When done professionally tattoos can look incredible, they can be true pieces of art in their own right. Most people who have tattoos sport them with pride. However, a time might come when you might want or be required to temporarily cover up your tattoos. Conceal tattoos for weddings... Read More

Concealing tattoos with Veil Cover Cream's Tattoo Kit 14/05/2018
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At Veil, We’ve Got You And Your Tattoos Covered

Whether you regret the day that you got inked or your tattoos just don’t match your outfit for a particular event, at Veil, we’ve got the perfect solution. Tattoos. Many people have them; many people have a complex relationship with them. From botched jobs to inkings that you can no longer relate to, tattoos aren’t always something you want to show off. This might prove particularly problematic in the summertime. From lighter clothing to special occasions, your excitement might be being overshadowed by your fear of exposing your inking. Tattoos... Read More

Concealing tattoos with Veil Cover Cream's Tattoo Kit 23/10/2017
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Veil Has The Perfect Solution For Covering Tattoos

Veil’s Tattoo Camouflage Kit is the latest phenomenon in temporarily covering tattoos and imperfections. It’s always fun to change your look. With wedding season in full swing, there may be tattoos you want to cover for that special occasion. Veil’s Tattoo Camouflage Kit allows you to temporarily cover tattoos the high coverage cream. Veil’s Tattoo Camouflage Kit gives flawless results, and it’s quickly gaining popularity with brides. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, smudge proof and best of all, wedding proof! In a world where it’s necessary to be selfie-ready at any given... Read More

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Why Veil Is Perfect For All Skin Tones

The makeup market is about to be shaken up with Veil Cover Cream. This makeup product is designed to make all skin tones look amazing. With 52 shades to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect fit. The foundation is available in a wide range of super-blendable shades to match all skin tones. With its full coverage and versatility, Veil Cover Cream is looking set to take the UK makeup market by storm. A wide range of shades created in 1952 to conceal all skin tones to boost confidence ... Read More

How To Cover Tattoos For Work 07/03/2016
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How To Cover Tattoos For Work

Why Should You Cover Your Ink and How Can You Cover Your Tattoos For Work? When it comes to work or job interviews, you might find yourself needing to cover up your tattoos. This of course depends on the industry in which you work in as well as your employer’s policies on body ink. Sometimes you can get away with using clothing such as long sleeve tops, high neck jumpers and trousers to cover up your tattoo/s however, sometimes it isn’t possible and your visible ink requires cosmetic camouflage. What... Read More

Richard's Story: Using Veil Cover Cream To Cover Tattoos 09/11/2015
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Richard’s Story: Using Veil Cover Cream To Cover Tattoos

Richard said: “I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a very important event. My tattoos are part of who I am but on this occasion I thought my facial tattoos might make the experience awkward so I decided to try and cover them. I am happy to say the Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit did just that.It was easy for me to apply and I felt much more comfortable when speaking, with people focusing on what I was saying and not the tattoos.”