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This is an image of a tattoo being concealed using high coverage makeup Veil Cover Cream to hide its appearance. 30/01/2020

When Might You Want To Cover Up & Conceal Your Tattoo?

Today tattoos are huge. In the past tattoos weren’t so popular but nowadays the act of getting inked is on the rise. With designs being able to be tailored to your exact taste, the body art choices available are truly endless. When done professionally tattoos can look incredible, they can be true pieces of art in their own right. Most people who have tattoos sport them with pride. However, a time might come when you might want or be required to temporarily cover up your tattoos. Conceal tattoos for weddings... Read More


How To Cover Up A Tattoo For A Christmas Party

As Christmas is fast approaching many of us are beginning to get in that festive spirit by attending parties and celebrations with friends and loved ones. Christmas is the perfect time to glam up and put on our best frock but perhaps you’ve got a tattoo on show that you want to hide. Maybe you no longer love the design? Perhaps you just fancy covering it up? The Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit contains everything you need to prep your skin and cover up your tattoo. Inside you’ll find five different... Read More

Easy Step By Step Tattoo Cover Up 19/05/2016

Easy Step By Step Tattoo Cover Up

STEP 1 – PREPARATION Make sure that the skin is clean and dry by applying the Cleansing Cream, wiping off with a tissue, then applying the Toning Lotion which removes any remaining oiliness. Choose the shade of Veil Cover Cream that matches the natural skin surrounding the tattoo. Shades can easily be mixed together in the Mixing Jar to make interim colours.  STEP 2 – STARTING THE APPLICATION Remove a small amount of the Veil Cover Cream from the jar using the spatula. Dab on the Veil Cover Cream with... Read More

Makeup To Hide Tattoos 26/04/2016

Makeup To Hide Tattoos

Many tattoos out there are works of art. Some people get tattoos as memorial pieces for loved ones or pieces that means something to them while others get tattoos purely because they like the design. Tattoos are a a great form of expression but there may come a time in your life when you want to use makeup to cover tattoos. For example: You may have ink that you no longer like the look of or the ink that you had tattooed was poorly designed (read our top tips for concealing tattoos blog post for... Read More

Cover Up Tattoos With Veil For Special Occasions 09/04/2016
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Cover Up Tattoos With Veil For Special Occasions

Here is what Veil Cover Cream user Nicole had to say about our product: “These creams really do what they say. They cover up your tattoos and make all imperfections seem less predominant. I would recommend this if someone is looking to cover up tattoos for a special occasion or veins on legs to feel more comfortable on holiday. It’s the first cream o have found that actually works. I would recommend you purchase a sample pack to get your true shade.”

How To Cover Tattoos For Work 07/03/2016
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How To Cover Tattoos For Work

Why Should You Cover Your Ink and How Can You Cover Your Tattoos For Work? When it comes to work or job interviews, you might find yourself needing to cover up your tattoos. This of course depends on the industry in which you work in as well as your employer’s policies on body ink. Sometimes you can get away with using clothing such as long sleeve tops, high neck jumpers and trousers to cover up your tattoo/s however, sometimes it isn’t possible and your visible ink requires cosmetic camouflage. What... Read More