A picture of the Veil Cover Cream Colour Corrector Stack, a product designed to counteract a range of tones in the skin like redness, dullness and purple tones. 15/08/2019
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Why Colour Correcting Makeup Is Brilliant & Useful

When it comes to your skin you may have a number of issues that may need extra attention when it comes to concealing. Your makeup routine may already contain a high coverage concealer but perhaps you’re after something to hide things like redness and discolouration. This is where colour correcting concealers come in. Colour correcting makeup has been around for a while and is much loved by makeup artists worldwide. Why? Well, these useful shades are able to counteract unwanted colours in the skin. Colour correcting makeup used to be something that... Read More

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Colour Correcting Concealers

If you’ve ever looked at our shade range and Pro Kit you may have noticed we have a selection of colour correcting concealers. These shades aren’t skin coloured but instead are Mauve, Yellow and Green in colour.  Wonder what they’re for? Read on.   These shade might seem crazy at first but they play a key role in counteracting certain tones in the skin. Here’s the lowdown:- Mauve On a basic colour wheel, the colour purple is directly opposite the colour yellow. This means that the two colours cancel each other out. Since the... Read More


Three tips for concealing Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma is a condition that causes yellow coloured plaques to appear on the skin. These plaques usually appear around the eye area on both the upper and lower eyelids, caused by fat deposits underneath the skin and the condition is said to be caused by having high cholesterol. The condition and symptoms are painless but the appearance can cause confidence problems in those with the condition. Because of this, we’ve had lots of feedback from people suffering with these symptom get in touch to ask about Veil Cover Cream and how... Read More

Veil Cover Cream 27/05/2016
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Xanthelasma Concealer

What is Xanthelasma? Xanthelasma is a skin condition where yellow coloured plaques appear on the skin. Usually, the yellow plaques appear around the eye area and on the upper and lower eyelids. These yellow plaques that occur are actually deposits of fat underneath the skin. Xanthelasma is harmless and painless. However, the appearance of the condition can cause confidence problems for those who have the condition. Xanthelasma is said to be caused by having high cholesterol. The condition most commonly appears in those from the Mediterranean region and in those... Read More