Treatments & products for bruises

Need quick coverage or treatment for a bruise?  We've got you covered with our new range of products that help reduce and cover bruising. Covering different colours that bruises create can be hard, that's why our range is dedicated to full coverage and quick treatments to give you that flawless look.

bruise before and after

The difficulty of covering bruises - Simplified!

With our combining cover cream products, you can now fully hide your bruise with our effective colour corrector stack that neutralises the colour of the bruise so no colours shine through your chosen cover cream shade.

We also understand that witch hazel has many calming and healing properties. Witch hazel can reduce bleeding and fade bruises quicker than normal. Thats why we have created a body cream to help you treat your bruise whilst covering it. Your skin will be perfect in no time!

As you can see our cover makeup for legs is effective and long lasting! With over 50 shades to choose from - Find your shade here

Our unique yellow soft paraffin, the unbleached petroleum jelly traps moisture into the skin maintaining its strength by not letting any dirt or bacteria into the skin.