Treatments & products for burns

View our range of treat & cover products for burns below. Now you can treat the affected area by applying veil skincare to your skin. Let the treatment soak into your skin and apply our premium cover cream for flawless long lasting coverage. Meaning you can treat & cover any affected area throughout the day!

Cover your burn with our effective makeup & treat your skin with our special yellow soft paraffin petroleum jelly...

Our cover creams and makeup cover all burns and scars professionally. With 24 hour coverage, and water resistance, you can cover your burn or scar for any occasion!

Please use our sample colour matching kit to find your shade today - Take me there

Petroleum Jelly can be applied to burns as an aftercare product. Simply because it does not contain antibiotics like some creams. Antibiotics can cause a reaction to the burn or skin which is why we recommend our yellow soft paraffin to help maintain your skins hydration and reduce irritation.