Treatments & products for chafing

Here at Veil, we understand the importance of keeping your body prepared and ready for what ever lies in front of you. Our goal is to treat & cover as many skin conditions as we can! Starting with something so small but problematic for some. Chafing can occur for many different reasons, such as running. We recommend taking care of your body and applying our products daily if you suffer from chafing. Our products are specifically designed for both men and women to be protected daily.

We've got you covered runners!

Chafing can occur on the skin by irritations such as clothing, sweat and heat. Therefore protection is needed on a daily basis if your skin is sensitive. We have introduced a product that professional runners use to stop chafing occurring on their skin.

Not only does our product Veil yellow soft paraffin prevent chafing, it also hydrates the skin and prevents moisture from being lost. Overall taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Protect your skin and avoid dry chafing skin.