Welcome to Veil's Xmas Section where you will find all our magical Gift Sets

Veil Cover Cream + CeraFresh Cleanser + Daily Moisturiser Gift Set  

Veil Finishing Powder + Body Lotion + Rejuve-Oil Gift Set

Chilblains Gift Set with Chilblains Concealer Stack, Daily Moisturiser, Yellow Soft Paraffin & Makeup Sponge

Dark Circles Gift Set with Dark Circles Concealer Stack, Hyaluronic Eye Serum & Makeup Sponge

Rosacea Gift Set with Rosacea Concealer Stack, Rosacea Face Cream & Makeup Sponge

Bruises Gift Set with Bruises Concealer Stack, Witch Hazel Cream & Makeup Sponge

CeraFresh Ultra Dry / Sensitive Skincare Set

CeraFresh Ultra Anti-Ageing Skincare Set

CeraFresh Ultra Acne Skincare Set