New Cover & Care Kits - Choose your own shade in our new stacks & skincare sets

Chilblains Kit includes:

  • Camouflage Stack with setting powder, choice of cover cream shade and a colour corrector to neutralise Chilblains
  • Daily Moisturiser 50ml to hydrate skin 
  • Yellow Soft Paraffin 10ml for dry and cracked lips
  • Makeup Sponge

Dark Circles Kit includes:

  • Camouflage Stack with setting powder, choice of cover cream shade and colour corrector for dark circles.
  • Hyaluronic Eye Serum to rejuvenate skin around eyes
  • Makeup Sponge

Bruises Kit includes:

  • Bruises Stack with setting powder, choice of cover cream shade and a colour corrector for bruises.
  • Witch Hazel Cream 50ml to reduce bruising and inflammation
  • Makeup Sponge

Rosacea Kit includes:

  • Rosacea Stack with setting powder, choice of cover cream shade and a colour corrector for rosacea
  • Rosacea cream 100ml to neutralise rosacea in a light and daily moisturiser.
  • Makeup Sponge

Veil's New Concealer Stacks for Skin Conditions

Take a look through our new range of concealer stacks!

Designed to help you find your exact match of cover cream, for long-lasting coverage.

Our stacks are easy to use & travel friendly. Delivered in a compact stack to fit nicely in your bag.

With 5 shades of cover cream to blend, ranging from light medium and dark we hope you find your match.

 We offer a range of concealer stacks, have a look below to see if we cover your skin condition:


Dark Circles




We have also included a small makeup brush to ensure you don't miss any detail!

These amazing new stacks are completed with Veil's popular finishing powder to set your cover cream, and a colour corrector shade to provide full coverage over your skin condition. 


Now you can use the adjuster stack to combine your cover cream shade with a mixture of adjuster shades to ensure you achieve flawless coverage on all areas of your skin. The kit also comes with a blending brush and a mixing palette.

  • White Adjuster - Lighten your shade
  • Beige Aduster - Slightly brighten dark shades 
  • Yellow Adjuster - Add brightness to your shade or a small tan effect.
  • Rose Adjuster - Add some pink / rose effect to your cover cream shade
  • Brown Aduster - Add some tan or darkness to your shade. 

Maybe your cover cream shade is just too light for your skin, or not rose enough to completely match your skin. Maybe you have to buy 2 jars of Cover Cream which is a lot to carry. Your best solution would be to try out this new adjuster stack and achieve flawless colour matching makeup easily.

Simply blend the shades with your cover cream makeup until it looks like your skin. The beauty with this product is that it helps to match different areas of skin on the body/face without buying many shades. 



Our brand new Mini Xanthelasma Kits have the same contents as our Xanthelasma Stacks, however the only difference is that you can choose the shades you want! Firstly, choose whether you want a light, medium or dark kit. Then, depending on your skin concern, you can select your colour corrector. Finally, you have the option to choose 4 of the same cover cream shades or 4 different shades (which are the same shades as the stacks). 

 Our kits contain 4 x cover cream jars which are easy to take out and travel with. You also receive a setting powder to make the cover cream waterproof and sweatproof. Inside the kit you get a colour corrector to help neutralise your skin concern. Finally, you receive a brush to help apply the cover cream makeup. 

Please see below to start creating your own Xanthelasma kit. Start by choosing light, medium or dark depending on your skin tone.

Corrector shades are designed to professionally create a neutralising base layer. The five easy-to-blend corrector shades counteract discolouration, leaving you with an even base to start applying Veil Cover Cream.

Mauve corrector shade: Neutralises yellow - useful for brightening dull complexion

Green corrector shade: Neutralises red -  for concealing blemishes , redness and scars

Yellow corrector shade : Neutralises purple - ideal for concealing dark circles and veins

Rose corrector shade:  Enhances radiance and brightens dark spots

Orange corrector shade: Neutralises blue - ideal for concealing dark circles around eye area. Best results found on medium skin tone.

Find out more!

Our new stacks are made from the exact same formula as we have always used over the past 70 years, including our powders.

If you need to match your colour first please click here to view our


If you need help applying cover cream our tutorials are available here: 


We also do amazing skincare to help treat skin conditions like acne or rosacea.