Treatments & products for diaper rashes

We cover all ages! View our Childrens range here. Not only can our products treat diaper rashes, but also care for childrens skin in many other ways. Take a look to find out more. 

Our Children's Range...

Witch Hazel & Calamine Cream:

Our very own witch hazel cream has many skin benefits, including soothing and relieving pain from irritated skin or redness. Free from parabens and SLS, it is suitable for young children for skin care and treatment of skin conditions. Great healing powers due to quick absorption into the skin and a soothing touch with the added calamine.

ProEvia Cream:

Suitable for all ages to relief skin from irritation, redness and itches. Free from sulphates, parabens, perfumes and steriods. An emollient cream that soothes and relaxes the skin without any damage. Hydrates and softens the skin for more protection in the future.


Dudu Osun Natural Black Soap:

No preservatives & no artificial colours. 100% natural ingredients enhances and soothes skin with organic powers for all skin types by deeply cleansing the skin. 


Yellow Soft Paraffin, Unbleached Petroleum Jelly:

A jelly that traps moisture into the skin, acting as a barrier to prevent bacteria and dirt entering the skin. Suitable for dry skin and lips.