Do you need expert advice or training to use Veil?

Advice from experts is not essential, although it may be beneficial.

Changing Faces is a registered charity offering  a free skin matching service with trained Skin Camouflage Practitioners in clinics across the UK. To find out more about the Skin Camouflage Service, please click here https://www.changingfaces.org.uk/Skin-Camouflage

Skin Camouflage Network - National Association of Practitioners in Skin Camouflage provide information for anyone seeking advice on clinics in the vacinity and offer a helpline number 07851 073795. for further information follow http://www.skincamouflagenetwork.org.uk/index.html

BASC - British Association of Skin Camouflage is a registered charity whose charitable objects are the practice, teaching, training and research of Dermatology. Please click here for further information on training courses http://www.skin-camouflage.net/

Carole Ann – Skin Camouflage Consultancy offers all aspects of skin camouflage concealment and free, informative advice for patients, health professionals, support groups and educational organisations;Call  07799 738599 or please visit this link http://caroleannskincamouflage.co.uk/index.html

Katie Piper Foundation organises workshops, classes and social activities for people with burns and scars. Please click here for further information http://www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/

Rowena Wilson offers skin camouflage consultations and expert witness services. Can be contacted on 07910 168577 or info@skincamouflageadvice.co.uk and is happy to answer questions and queries about skin camouflage.Please visit   http://www.skincamouflageadvice.co.uk/what-is-skin-camouflage/

Louise McMichael offers skin camouflage advice and consultations. Louise is also the camouflage advisor to The Katie Piper Foundation, please visit link for further information http://www.panaceaskin.co.uk/camouflage.html

Why choose Veil products? 

Ordinary cosmetics cannot cover a blemish however thickly you put it on.
Our unique manufacturing process ensures unmatched spreadability for easy, smooth, non-chalky application. The translucent finishing powder sets your cover cream all day - even allowing you the freedom to swim. Only a thin coating is needed for superb coverage with a soft matte finish. Our cover cream is now available in 40 shades and allows you to choose the colour that matches your natural skin tone.

What is a cover cream?

This is the term given to cosmetic preparations which have been created specifically to temporarily cover various forms of skin disorders.  Cover Creams can also be called Camouflage Creams.

What does Veil cover?

·         Birthmarks

·         Rosacea (redness)

·         Vitiligo (white patches)

·         Tattoos ·        

.          Scar discoloration

·         Burn Scars

·         Acne Scars

·         Age spots

·         Moles

·         Threadveins

·         Varicose veins

·         Systemic Lupus

·         Eczema

·         Acne marks

·         Dark circles

·         Flushing

·         Psoriasis

·         Bruises and Post-operative bruising

·         Dark circles under the eyes

·         Temporary discoloration

·         Permanent pigmentation problems

·         Port-wine stains

.         Raynauds

·         And more...

What are the benefits of using Veil products?

·         Natural looking

·         Easy to apply

·         Opaque to give covering power

·         Waterproof and so will not come off in the rain or when swimming

·         Fragrance-free for allergy free use

·         Contains sunblock to protect delicate and sensitive skin

·         Lasts all day

·         Non-greasy

·         Lightweight

·         Smudge resistant

·         Easy to blend

·         Wide range of natural skin shades

·         Non-chalky

·         Contains titanium dioxide for protection

·         Very economical in use

Where can I buy Veil products?

The complete range of products are available to purchase online via our website, please check out our product ranges and purchase through the online store.  However, the cream and powder are also available on prescription.

What is the difference between cover/camouflage cream and ordinary make-up concealer?

The main difference is the content of the pigment.  Cover/camouflage cream contains much more pigment than the high street make-up brands, and therefore you need less of it and it looks less obvious.

How easy is it to match my skin colour?

Our cover cream comes in 40 shades, therefore it should be possible to match any skin colour.  To get the perfect match, buy our Sample Kits available in 3 skin tones, light, medium & dark, prior to purchasing your jar of make up to check you get the correct colour for you.

How are Veil products applied?

Veil can be applied with fingers, sponges or brushes depending on the area that needs to be covered.

Can Veil be used on very sensitive skin?

Yes, but it is always advisable to test on a small patch first.

Are there any skin conditions that Veil should not be applied to?

Yes, Veil should never be applied to open wounds or broken skin.

Can you wear Veil on the beach or whilst swimming?

Yes, Veil can be used whilst on the beach or in the water.

Is Veil waterproof?

Veil is waterproof and is made virtually smudgeproof by the application of the Finishing Powder.