How to apply camouflage makeup

Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage concealer that can cover up, hide and conceal a wide variety of skin conditions. With an impressive reputation and a formula that is trusted by the NHS, it’s not surprising that Veil Cover Cream has been used for decades to boost the confidence of many. Those who are new to this easy to blend concealer may be wondering, how do I apply Veil Cover Cream? Well, it’s incredibly simple. Applying Veil Cover Cream is an easy and straight forward task. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to achieve excellent results, simply follow our easy step by step guide below to achieve a natural-looking full coverage makeup look that is sure to boost your confidence. Whether you’re covering up acne, redness, rosacea, scars, vitiligo, dark circles, xanthelasma, birthmarks, pigmentation marks or even tattoos, Veil Cover Cream can help you greatly in your quest for confidence.

Quick Step-by-step:

1. Prepare the skin with Veil Cleansing Cream & Toning Lotion

2. Match your shade with our simple Colour matching sample kit (Receive £5 off discount code inside kit!)

3.Effortlessly apply Veil Cover Cream Makeup to your face, body or legs.

4. Set your full coverage waterproof makeup in place with Veil Finishing Powder.

Step 1 - Prepare The Skin

The first step to achieving the best possible cover-up with Veil Cover Cream is by preparing the area that you’re wanting to conceal. Whether you’re applying the high coverage concealer on your face or body, you want the area to be clean and free from any excess oil. To do this we recommend applying cleansing cream to the area before rinsing with warm water. This ensures that the skin is clean and free from other products. After cleansing, we then recommend using toning lotion. This product does two things. Firstly, it gets rid of any excess cleansing cream that may still be on the area. Secondly, it removes excess oil that may be present on the surface of the skin. By doing this, you can increase the wear time of Veil Cover Cream as a clean base allows Veil Cover Cream to adhere to the skin and blend in well.

Step 2 - Find Your Perfect Shade

Once the skin is clean and you’ve patted it dry, it’s now time to select your shade of Veil Cover Cream.

If you’re testing out a Veil Colour Matching Kit to find your perfect concealer shade, we recommend applying a small amount of product to the area in which you’d like to cover. You should do this in natural daylight. This will allow you to select the most accurate colour match for your skin tone so that you can achieve a truly natural look. Veil Cover Cream is a camouflage cream that is available in a wide variety of shades to match virtually all different skin tones. With over 40 different shades in our range, we are proud to be able to offer you an extensive and inclusive range.

Step 3 - Apply Veil Cover Cream

To apply the concealer to the area, you can use various methods. The most popular application techniques include applying simply by using your fingertips or by using a blending sponge or a precision brush. If you’re after quick and easy application using a blending sponge is both quick and easy and it also ensures that all the product is blended thoroughly into the skin making it undetectable that you’re using a product. If you want precise application the precision brush is an excellent option as it can conceal those hard to reach places like around the nose and mouth. This method also minimises product waste.

When it comes to achieving the best possible cover up, the key is to use a small amount of product and build up the coverage. Veil Cover Cream contains a large amount more pigment compared to other branded concealer. This along with our secret formula is what gives it that unbeatable coverage. Because of the impressive coverage, only a small amount of product is needed for maximum results meaning a little really does go a long way. For your cover up, start off with a small amount of product and ensure that it is all blended into the skin. Veil Cover Cream is a concealer that easily blends due to its soft texture, this means that application can be quick and very easy. Once blended many find the coverage to be exceptional after one layer but if you’re concealing a highly pigmented tattoo you may wish to build up the coverage with thin layers.

Additionally, if you wish to counteract an unwanted tone in your skin, we have now also created a handy colour correcting concealer stack which contains five intensely pigmented concealers that can be used before your skin colour matching shade to eliminate concerns such as redness, dark circles, discolouration present in veins, yellow tones common in those with xanthelasma and dark patches within the skin. Only a tiny amount of these corrector shades is required for seriously impressive results. Once you’ve used your optional colour correcting concealer, reached your desired coverage and ensured that all edges surrounding your cover up and blended in, it’s now time to set your concealer in place for increased wear time.

Step 4 - Set Your High Coverage Concealer In Place

When used on its own Veil Cover Cream has impressive wear time but by applying our finely milled finishing powder you can further increase that wear time for maximum longevity. This even gives the cover up a waterproof finish allowing you to even swim whilst wearing Veil Cover Cream, thus making this camouflage cream the perfect option, even whilst holidaying. Not only does the application of finishing powder increase the wear time of Veil Cover Cream, but it also gives the product a beautiful matte finish which allows you to achieve a very natural-looking finish. To apply finishing powder, you can use a cotton pad to apply the product using a pressing motion. Alternatively, you can use a powder brush to apply the powder using sweeping circular motions, ensuring that you brush off any excess using a downward motion. When selecting your colour choice of powder, we have two shades of powder available, Translucent and Dusk. Translucent is more suited to light and some medium tones whereas Dusk is more suitable for darker and warmer toned skin. Both powder shades have fantastic formulas which give the skin a silky-smooth feel and compliment concealer well. Once you’ve applied your finishing powder that’s the applying process complete of Veil Cover Cream complete.