How to Apply Veil

Take a look at our tutorials section or YouTube channel today for a step by step guide on how to apply Veil Cover Cream, or alternatively follow the steps below...

1. Cleanse - Using your fingertips, thoroughly cleanse face or part of body to be covered with Veil Cleansing Cream.

2. Toning - This step is very important! If there is any remaining oil on the skin, it could make Veil slip. A good toning lotion will remove every last trace of oil. Veil toning lotion is an effective combination of witch hazel and rosewater.

Wipe gently over cleansed skin using cotton, and pat dry. Skin is now prepared for Veil application. No moisturiser is to be applied. If you need to use a moisturiser then wait until the cream has been fully absorbed.

3. Apply Veil thinly with fingertips or a cosmetics sponge over area to be covered. Smooth
and blend the outer edges onto the natural skin. Allow to dry for a few minutes or so. If coverage is not complete, apply a second layer and blend again. Remember, apply thin layers a step at a time to build up the coverage, although it may be tempting to apply a single thick application in the first instance. 

If you find that the covered area is looking patchy, proceed to cover the whole face. Veil is equally effective as a foundation. It is also excellent for those who lose foundation quickly. If Veil does not go on smoothly, or it streaks, this indicates that there is still oil on the surface of the skin.

4. Setting - To ensure long-lasting, waterproofing coverage, the final important step is to set the Veil with the loose Veil Finishing Powder. Press in powder liberally using a cotton ball or powder puff with a gentle rocking motion, but do not rub. Remove excess powder with a large brush using a downward stroke.