JM Makeup Review

Jess is a professional Make-Up Artist based in Swansea, South Wales. She trained with some of the best in the industry at Delamar Academy in Ealing Studios, London and graduated in 2008 gaining a HE in 'Professional Make-Up Design'. She has many years experience.

As you may have seen on one of my Facebook posts recently, I was kindly sent the Veil Cover Cream ‘Professional Kit’ to try out and review. Veil is a makeup brand that has been around for years and is known to cover a wide range of skin imperfections.


As soon as my postman delivered the Veil pro kit, I was in awe. The kit consists of a variety of skin tones and corrective colours in a neatly packaged case, as well as 2 small pots of their setting powders. I instantly chose out one for my skin tone and ran to the mirror to dab a little bit on.  Now I am the type of person who, as I’m getting older, prefers to wear less makeup than I did years ago. I like my skin to breathe. As soon as I get home from a days work I take whatever makeup I have left on off! I have also always had greasy skin growing up (so I used to smother my face in powders), which has now turned into more of a combination skin type with occasionally random dry patches here and there. I now like my day to day skin makeup to be creamy and smooth, not too heavy but also with a bit of coverage - especially under the eyes to hide the lack of sleep from early morning starts... 


The Cover Cream literally ticked every single one of those boxes (no joke). I was able to use a tiny amount of product and smooth that over my skin in the areas I don’t like to be too heavy, as well as adding a bit more coverage over the places that needed it. It is creamy and soft enough to hide the dry patches, yet has great staying power over my more greasy areas when set with its setting powder! I definitely need to get the setting powder in the full size for myself and for my kit!


The Cover Cream is known for its thicker, creamier texture too, which is needed for more full coverage looks. You can definitely tell this by the tiny amount of product you need to use. A little bit goes a long long way. I created a heavier makeup look for myself (still not too heavy) last Sunday evening when I went out for Bank Holiday drinks. It was great to be able to use different shades to contour with and I also used the red corrective colour cream as a cream blush...winner! It stayed on wonderfully in the rare Bank Holiday heat and I actually don’t remember having to touch it up whilst I was out. 

This is my attempt at covering my boyfriends tattoo. I wanted to give the Cover Cream as much of an honest review as possible and to show its full diversity as a thank you to Veil for sending it to me. The cream covered the tattoo brilliantly and all you could really make out was the raised edges of tattoo which could not be helped...

Thank you to Veil for sending me this little gem to review. It’s honestly been lovely! 


Jess x

JM Makeup