Treatments & products for Keloid scars

Science has allowed scar healing to advance over recent years, that is why we have partnered with remescar to provide you with the best scar treatment products on the market. Along with our own skincare products, and our cover cream range, it is the perfect combination for treating and covering keloid scars.

woman applying remescar stick

Remescar & Veil Skincare Range for Keloids

Remescar silicon scar stick:

  • IDEAL TO TREAT & REDUCE SCARRING - Remescar Scar Stick is clinically proven to treat and reduce scarring from acne, burns, surgery, stretch marks, keloid scarring & more for a smoother appearance
  • LASTING RESULTS - Use the cream twice a day for 2-3 months by softly massaging into the area you wish to heal - Invisible upon application, the stick can be used on old scars & newly closed wounds to reduce scarring.

Veil Yellow Soft Paraffin, Unbleached petroleum Jelly:

Our simple yet effective hydrating jelly traps moisture in the skin by forming a strong barrier over the skin to prevent bacteria and dirt entering. Hydrating the skin quickly and strengthening the skin by strong long lasting protection for dry and scarred skin.

Veil Cover Cream:

Our Cover cream has been trusted by the NHS and worldwide customers for over 60 years. Created and designed to cover skin disfigurements like keloid scars. A thick layer makeup with over 45 shades to choose from covers your scar without notice. Waterproof, SPF15 & long lasting properties make us one of the best cover cream specialists in the world.

Colour corrector stack:

We understand that some scars can show through cover creams which is why we have introduced a colour corrector stack, that neutralises the colour of the scar so that there is full coverage and even longer lasting camouflage.