Introducing our new Mini Professional Kit by Veil!


Veil Cover Cream has created a unique kit that holds: 

4 Cover Cream Shades

1 Colour Corrector

1 Mineral Rich Loose Setting Powder

1 Makeup Brush 

A Blending Palette.

Now you can create your own Mini Professional Kit!


green veil mini pro kit

Please select either Light, Medium or Dark to start creating your kit

Use our dropdown menu's provided on the product page to select the Colour Corrector & Cover Cream shades that best suit you. You can choose 4 of the same cover cream shades or have 4 different shades! 

This way you can take a small jar with you on the go, or when you travel. You can use it as a top up jar that can be placed back into the kit after use. 

You can choose your own Colour Corrector from one of 6 colours - Rose, Yellow, Orange, Green, Mauve & White. We have included White incase you would like to lighten up a shade to suit different areas of the body or face. We have provided a Blending Palette to help you achieve an even blend. 

Firstly, you have 3 options. Please select either the Light, Medium or Dark Kit to get started on creating your own Mini Pro Kit. If you don't know your shade, we offer a Colour Matching Kit which is designed to help you match the shade of your skin!