Oliy/Acne Skincare by CeraFresh Skincare


A collection dedicated to deeply cleansing and clearing your skin. Aimed at those who struggle with oil overproduction, breakouts and particularly good at helping those with Acne prone skin types.

This simple and effective skincare range consisting of:

·        Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Gel Cleanser

·        Alcohol Free Toner with Tea Tree Extract

·        CeraFresh Ultra Acne Day + Night Cream

 With our additional Acne Intense Spot Cream, a target cream to apply to the individual area of concern if and when flare ups occur. The perfect range to leave skin texture smooth, bright and clear.


Acne Day + Night Moisturising Cream by CeraFresh Ultra

Acne Intense Formula Spot Cream by CeraFresh Ultra

Alcohol Free Toner with Tea Tree by CeraFresh Ultra

Exfoliating Gel Foaming Cleanser by CeraFresh Ultra