Treatments & products for psoriasis

View our unique range of treat & cover products below that have been specially designed for skin conditions like psoriasis. We now have products that treat psoriasis as well as cover using our original and trusted cover cream. Try our treat & cover products today!

Treat & cover psoriasis quickly with ease...

ProEvia Cream:

ProEvia has been scientifically designed to reduce irritated skin and improve dry, red and flaky skin. ProEvia cream does not contain steroids, parabens, fragrances or SLS. Therefore it is suitable for all ages! For daily use, ProEvia can be applied anywhere on the body, massage gently into affected area. 

Veil Menthol in Aqueous Cream 2%:

Made with pure menthol crystals, hand crushed and melted into aqueous cream to create a strong cooling cream to relieve skin from irritation, redness and pain. Menthol awakens the cold receptors in your skin so that your body instantly cools down. Aqueous cream is known for moisturising your skin and balancing your skins essential substances and nutrients to reduce psoriasis and irritation. 


Veil Himalayan Salt: 

Himalayan salt when diluted into a bath, slowly provides nutrients and ingredients your skin needs to repair and become soft. Natural hydrating benefits repairs dry and dead skin leaving the skin feeling new and improved. We recommend mixing with an essential oil to give your skin the best cleanse.