Our new International Range

Rae Denman's impressive knowledge has developed 10 new premium cover cream shades to match a vast majority of British, Asian, South American and mixed skin tones incorporating stunning new ethnicities.

The beauty of skin has changed and new colours of cover creams are born. 

We are proud to present Rae Denman's incredible range of cover creams & powders to suit skin tones from around the world!

View the full range of international products below:

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Visit www.raedenman.co.uk or contact Rae at: makeup@raedenman.co.uk

Watch Rae's tutorial to cover tattoos, stretch marks, scars, rosacea, vitiligo and more using the new international shades.

Rae Denman - Our Endorsed Research and Developer

Rae Denman is an expert in medical makeup, medical tattooing and skin camouflage. Rae is based in London, Surrey and also works internationally. Rae is a member of the The British Association of Skin Camouflage and has been awarded 'The FTG 20 Years of Excellence, Life Changing Procedure' for her work.

Rae's Talent was very inspiring for us at Veil. Rae has dedicated many hours to developing 10 beautiful new shades of cover cream evolved from years of experience and changing skin tones.


The locations Rae focused on for the new shades:

Middle East

United Kingdom


South America

The Caribbean

 For more information please visit Rae's website: 



New skincare range coming soon!

Rae is currently working on a new skincare range, which we hope to launch at the beginning of 2020.

These new skincare products are being trialled to assist with the recovery of scarring and stretching of the skin.

Veil now stock over 60 shades of cover cream, which most can be tried and tested by purchasing one of our colour matching sample kits:

Light, Medium, Dark, Double dark and now International. 

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