Treatment & products for rosacea

View our trusted skincare & cover cream range to simultaneously cover & treat your skin condition, like rosacea. If you suffer from rosacea or redness on your skin apply our easy and effective skin care to reduce rosacea and try our cover cream to camouflage redness.

Reduce skin redness and rosacea quickly! You can also cover it with our trusted cover cream...

ProEvia Cream:

Specially designed for red and irritated skin, to reduce and slowly prevent redness, irritation, inflamed skin. No steroids, parabens, SLS or fragrances. A calming and relieving cream to reduce irritation from every day activities, leading to sweat, stress and other external factors.

Veil Himalayan Salt:

A natural cleanser of skin, providing specific minerals that your skin requires daily. Reduces redness, flaky skin, dry and damaged skin. Add to your bath with essential oils to leave your skin feeling fresh, cleansed and hydrated.

Veil Colour Corrector Stack:

If you want to treat & cover your redness / rosacea, we recommend trying our trusted cover cream makeup to cover your skin whilst you treat. Our colour corrector stack will help neutralise the redness in your skin so no colour shows through your chosen cover cream.

Rosacea Cream

Try our brand new and exclusive rosacea moisturising cream, to help replenish your skin and reduce redness or rosacea around your face. A hint of green blended gently into the cream helps neutralise redness and decreases the visibility, to prevent redness showing through makeup or cover cream