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This week's Featured Customers:

Paintbox Makeup Studio

Paintbox Makeup Studio is based in Scotland. They produce their own makeup and create fantastic looks for clients.

"This is a great product for anyone looking for a cover-up cream with moisturiser. This was a little different from the texture of other brands that I've previously used and took a bit longer to build up as it has such an emollient base, but the results were so worth it and not cakey like the previous brands I've tried.

Great to use with a beauty blender and setting powders are available too. I'd recommend these to people with skin dry skin, eczema, port wine stains or vitiligo as the product doesn't grab onto any dryness. All in all, I rate this a great product and will definitely be doing some more demos with it! 

Love the design of the kit too - I really didn't expect to be sent such a premium professional product! Thanks for sending me this wonderful product Veil Cover Cream!"

Dee Hargreaves

Dee Hargreaves is a beautician and makeup artist based in Oldham.


"Loving the samples, I wore it myself the other day and it lasted it did stick to my psoriasis patches a little but covered the redness easily. I love using it with my clients, especially those who have skin complaints."

Rae Mathieson

"I have added the Veil Cover Cream Pro Kit to my makeup bag as it’s a saviour for providing coverage for imperfections, sun damage, melasma, vitiligo and rosacea. The formulation is creamy, super-bendable and provides incredible coverage without being ‘cakey’.
The formulation is so versatile, whether using it all over or using it in specific areas requiring durable coverage. It’s a must have for a professional kit!"

MUA Demi Dior

"Amazing and long-lasting coverage. Didn't crease which I loved. Fab for nights out and when you want that long-lasting cover."

Clare Gale

"I absolutely love Veil Cover Cream! People are always commenting on my "flawless" face now. This cream has wonderful coverage, masks any blemishes, dark circles or redness with ease but is incredibly light to wear and lasts all day. A perfect product, so glad I found you!!!"

Previously Featured:

Victoria Holdstock

Victoria Holdstock is a makeup artist based in Newcastle.

'I came across Veil Cover Cream when I had a bridal client who had vitiligo and wanted to cover it for her big day. We ordered the sample packs to make sure we had the correct colour, it was my first time using the product and it worked like an absolute dream. It blended into the skin beautifully, skill keeping a skin-like finish and covering perfectly!

'I love the creamy consistency of the product it makes for an incredibly easy blend and versatile finish that looks natural.'

Gemma Thomas

Gemma Thomas is a professional mobile makeup artist based in South Wales specialising in wedding makeup.

'Suffering from a number of sunspots myself which developed during pregnancy I was curious to find out how effective Veil Cover Cream would be.

On the day I first tested the product I had a nasty scar left by a horsefly on my cheek which even my heaviest coverage foundations would not mask but the Veil Cream worked wonders. The coverage was flawless, non-cakey, easy to apply and durable.

I was extremely impressed and would recommend this product to anyone concerned with acne scars, discolouration, scars and birthmarks. 10/10.'

Jade Maurello

'This is one of the best products I’ve used it covers very well and stays put, just don’t rub your skin with a towel after swimming, make sure you lightly pat the skin dry or air dry. 

I ordered a product back in June and had some difficulties receiving it, so I messaged the Facebook page and received help immediately from Becs, she was extremely helpful and a credit to the team. Thank you once again.'

Hollie Fitzmartin MUA

'I absolutely loved Veil Cover Cream! Perfect for covering tattoos, dark circles and pigmentation. I highly recommend this to other makeup artists, there is such a wide variety and shades.

It's brilliant on clients who have imperfections that don't cover with normal makeup.

Thank you xxx'


Javeria suffers from Vitiligo - white patches covering her body. We love the impact our products have had on her self-esteem.

"My Vitiligo covers my full body. I have had this skin problem for 9 years now. Using Veil feels natural and looks natural and makes me feel confident and happy.

I would recommend anyone with a simliar condition to me using Veil it's brilliant"

Lauren Wearmouth

"I’ve experimented with the Veil tester palette for a while now, mainly on scars but I’ve recently started to use it on my face. I use the lighter shades under my eyes (when my dark circles need a lift). I've also used shades closest to my skin tone on some blemishes. 

Today, I tried mixing a couple of shades over a particularly bad breakout. The Wheat instantly cancelled out the redness whilst the other shades blended into my natural skin colour. I used this under my usual foundation and have felt far less self-conscious today, secure in the knowledge that my breakout was well hidden. 

Veil is waterproof too, which is a massive bonus - especially for the scars I need to cover.

I’d really recommend Veil to anyone with any form of skin worry - my tester palette has lasted so long. I wish I’d tried it sooner!" 

True Beauty Academy

True Beauty Academy is a makeup training academy based in North East England.

"Our Level 3 Media Makeup Group today used the new Veil Cover Cream Pro Kit. We decided to do half of Katie’s face so we could see the products in all their glory and we were not disappointed!

Full coverage, not too heavy, fantastic for clients with highly vascular skin. Could be used for both cover up work and a full makeup look. The students did tattoo coverage and makeup looks this evening. Plus swatches to show the different shades and complimentary colours.

I really liked using Veil, will definitely be having it in my kit."

Sarah Jane Douglas

Veil Cover Cream is an amazing cover up product which can be used to camouflage tattoos, scarring and birthmarks as well as being used as foundation/concealing clear skin.

I first found this product online whilst searching for a cover-up product and found that they were based in Newcastle. The reviews and videos looked amazing so I purchased a sample pack to test out and love it!

I then purchased the Pro Kit which contained 34 shades - this is perfect for my makeup kit when working freelance as well as in the salon. The products work brilliantly on camera as well as looking flawless in real life! I have been using the products more and more during photo shoots as well as for bridal bookings and beauty makeup appointments!

If any of my clients are looking for a product with super high coverage or want to hide a scar or skin problem drop me a message or call into the salon for a colour match! This will make sure you purchase the correct colour online as you can buy each shade individually. (read more)

Abby Bonner

I love this product! I don't have problem skin, but every so often I do get spots that I cannot cover with any concealer - I've tried so many and haven't found one that covers completely. When I tried Veil Cover Cream, I was amazed by the results. 

A little goes a long way with this product - I literally used a tiny bit of the Cover Cream and applied it directly to the area where I wanted a little extra coverage. When I do this with normal concealer and blend it out, it always blends out too much and the spot always ends up showing again. However, when I blend the Veil Cover Cream, it blends so beautifully while still giving me the coverage I desire. It also lasts all day without fading. 

I also love it for my no makeup days when I want to cover up spots without having to put on a full face of makeup! Because my natural skin is very pale, I have trouble finding a concealer to match my skin, but there's such a great range of colours with Veil Cover Cream that I can easily find one to match my pale complexion! 

As a makeup artist, Veil Cover Cream is going to be a great addition to my kit. I would definitely recommend this for someone with problem skin or with imperfections that they want to cover up without having to cake their face with layers of makeup! 

Andrea Pickford

As a makeup artist, I have found Veil extremely handy to have in my kit. It's very popular with my brides, I have been able to cover up acne on the back and tattoos with fantastic coverage. The formula blends seamlessly and the colour matches all different skin tones perfectly. A definite must for all makeup artist kits

Kate Victoria Bartlettl

This cream is amazing, it is the only thing that covers the circles under my eyes. Stays on all day and doesn't flake or crease. It just looks like natural skin too. I've had my pot for nearly a year and I'm only halfway through it. If ordering definitely get the sample pack to work out which one you need- there are so many shades!

Ailsa Landreth

This is the third time I have bought from Veil and I cannot recommend them enough.

I use the Cover Cream for rosacea which only covers a small area on my face so I do not need a big tub. I contacted the customer service team who have offered great advice and the products were sent to me in record time.

Sarah Baldwin

I have used Veil before in my professional work, so to be able to try out more of the colours and powders they include in the box was a real treat. 

Veil Cover Cream is manufactured in the UK - I love being able to use products which are made here. The creams are amazing for a wide range of issues and also as everyday makeup. It is really good for helping with dark circles, uneven skin and redness. A little really does go a long way as I found out on my model Katia (see image). I only needed the smallest amount and it covered her whole face. Amazing. Veil is also very lightweight, you can also use it as a concealer for blemishes. 

Veil has 42 shades of creams, something for everyone along with finishing powders to match. Veil also do a beautiful skincare range, of which I am yet to try, I must add this to the list.

My subject Katia, kindly came to me for a Veil makeover. Katia’s skin over the last couple of months has increased in redness, and blemishes, she's a perfect model for me to try Veil. As you can see from the before and after images it has smoothed her skin out and helped blur away imperfections.

I applied it to a mixing tray first, I like to warm it up before applying and thin it out on the tray. I stippled it into the skin and patted it on to give it a nice smooth finish. Veil also do a lovely stippling brush and powder brush. (See more)

Jack Morgan

I am very impressed with the Professional Kit! I work as International Cabin Crew and sometimes venture to hotter countries, therefore my skin can lighten and darken throughout the year. This kit gives me the versatility I need to be able to match up to my skin - all for a fantastic price.

I was sceptical when I first read the product descriptions as full coverage products can sometimes be very cakey and heavy on the skin. As someone who uses skincare religiously, this is something I try to avoid - but I was proven wrong. The formula is the perfect consistency and blends out like a dream, giving you customisable coverage.

The colour correcting shades in the kit are also a key point to any makeup application, especially if I want a natural yet flawless look. This was also great for me to use with my clients.

The shade ‘Brown’ in the kit is the perfect cream contouring shade for almost any skin tone as it has the perfect balance of Grey and Brown undertones which is imperative when attempting to create a contour also known as a shadow.

I cannot wait to try more products from Veil as I’m sure they will impress me as much as the Professional Kit has!

Gemma Rimmington

Gemma is a highly trained wedding, commercial and fashion makeup artist and blogger who won the Freelance Makeup Specialist of the Year award in 2017. She has recently been active with our Pro Kit and describes it as a 'must-have':

'As a professional makeup artist, my kit is hugely important and I rely on using quality, high performance products when working on jobs – from brides, events/shows and magazine editorials. I also travel around a lot for work so I am always looking ways to travel lightly and efficiently. This is especially important when working on location for photoshoots.

A little while ago I was introduced to a brand called Veil Cover Cream. Initially I had heard about Veil when I was looking for a good quality camouflage makeup brand – I had a bridal client who had a large tattoo that she wanted covering on her wedding day and my first port of call was Veil.  At the time, I bought a small sample pack to try out at the bridal trial and I loved the coverage.' 
(Read more) 

Lauren Dootson

'I've used Veil Cover Cream for over 14 years. I suffer from guttate psoriasis and covering it up can be difficult - unless you use this wonderful product!

The Pro Kit is perfect makeup artists or for personal use, as you'll have every you will ever need. This kit caters for everyone - I can't think of a skin tone these would not suit!

High coverage and long-wearing, love how it's budge-proof when set with Veil Finishing Powder.'

Craig Wilde Review

Craig is a TV Presenter, Actor, Voiceover, Broadcaster and Columnist. He's also a big fan of Veil - here's what he has to say about our products:

'Whenever I have a blemish, or I'm filming in HD, I always insist on Veil Cover Cream. It is light and easy to wear, it's oil free and blends to my exact skin tone with no effort.

Men increasingly wish to look their best, and Veil is one tool in ensuring that I put my best face front and centre stage.'

Photo makeup by Jo Leversuch


Lizzie Nicol

'I’ve been suffering from a really rare form of scleroderma for 14 years now. It is an auto-immune disease which attacks my skin. Luckily for me, it is only on my body, but for some, it manifests on their face. I've been searching for years and years to find a cover-up for when I’m on holiday. This disease has left me with lesions on my left thigh, which in the summer, looks terrible with shorts or mini skirts, and frankly, I used to enjoy getting my legs out, but not anymore, as it looks like bruises running down my leg.

Thankfully, I found Veil Cover Cream through an internet search. At first, I was a bit disappointed as the first couple of tester packs didn’t match my skin. So, I contacted their fantastic service team and they sent me out some different shade testers... et voilá!! A perfect match by mixing yellow with brown.

I covered the really dark patches with a touch of mauve. You don’t need much, just tap it on and blend it in. Then I mixed the brown and yellow to get my exact shade and tapped that over the top. A quick dusting of the translucent powder and job done, easy peasy! Plus, I showered for three days and didn’t wash my leg and it stayed on. Amazing!

You can’t go wrong with this product, but if you're in doubt, ask their customer service team. You may need a few attempts to get the right shade, but it’s so worth it in the end. My confidence has gone through the roof since I’ve been using this. Many thanks, Veil.'

JM Makeup

Jess is a professional Make-Up Artist based in Swansea, South Wales. She recently tried out our Pro Kit and instantly fell in love with it.

'As you may have seen on one of my Facebook posts recently, I was kindly sent the Veil Cover Cream ‘Professional Kit’ to try out and review. Veil is a makeup brand that has been around for years and is known to cover a wide range of skin imperfections.

As soon as my postman delivered the Veil pro kit, I was in awe. The kit consists of a variety of skin tones and corrective colours in a neatly packaged case, as well as 2 small pots of their setting powders. I instantly chose out one for my skin tone and ran to the mirror to dab a little bit on.  

Now I am the type of person who, as I’m getting older, prefers to wear less makeup than I did years ago. I like my skin to breathe. As soon as I get home from a days work I take whatever makeup I have left on off! I have also always had greasy skin growing up (so I used to smother my face in powders), which has now turned into more of a combination skin type with occasionally random dry patches here and there. I now like my day to day skin makeup to be creamy and smooth, not too heavy but also with a bit of coverage - especially under the eyes to hide the lack of sleep from early morning starts...' (Read more)



Josh Jennison

Josh is CEO and Creator of Obsessed Cosmetics, a sparkle-loving brand with the great slogan, ‘Any Age, Any Race, Any Gender’. Also a working MUA and Trainer, here’s what Josh has to say about our new Pro Kit:

'OMG as a working MUA these products are perfect for covering everything, from scars to any discolouration!
Perfect for an every day under eye concealer without having to apply a full face! Plus, with a huge shade range I don’t have a problem suiting everyone. 
Such an amazing product; I am loving my Pro Kit. Thank you!!❤️'

< Here’s an image Josh shared using Veil as an under eye concealer.

Kate Victoria Bartlett

This cream is amazing, it is the only thing that covers the circles under my eyes. Stays on all day and doesn't flake or crease. It just looks like natural skin too. I've had my pot for nearly a year and I'm only halfway through it. If ordering I'd definitely recommend the sample pack to work out which one you need- there are so many shades!

Claire Hartley

Thank you so much Veil Cover Cream for the PRO kit you sent me to try. I’ve been using Veil Cover Cream in my kit for a couple of years now and I can’t rate it high enough. I love the texture, the longevity, the colour range is fantastic and every single client I’ve used it on has been amazed by the results. 
The pro kit is and will remain a staple in my professional makeup artist kit (and in my personal makeup bag too!) 
Thank you x

Janine Spencer

I've just tried Veil Cover Cream for the first time and I absolutely love it !! The coverage is excellent it will definitely becoming part of my daily routine!!

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