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Veil Customer

"Very happy with my purchase. I have lots of thread veins on my face and Veil Cover Cream gives me great coverage."

Christine Buck

"I could not live without Veil Cover Cream it completely covers all my blemishes and gives me confidence to face the day."

Veil Customer

"Excellent service and very quick to respond. Very helpful service to assist in obtaining the correct colour. I have a bright red birthmark on my eyelid and Veil Cover Cream provides a very good solution."

Pat Warman

"Veil Cover Cream has very good coverage, is easy to blend in, and only small amounts are needed. Very pleased so far."

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers. They recently used our products at a workshop in James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough. Here's what they said about the event:


 "Fabulous day at James Cook! Some very glamorous ladies were looking fabulous and enjoying the support and company the pamper session gives. The ladies love the cream: it gives them confidence, especially covering scars. It was a great session."
Veil Customer


I purchased this as I have a bruise on my leg that I wanted it covered before a wedding. It was a mini miracle as it covered the bruise completely. Would highly recommend this product."

Veil Customer

Simply Amazing!!! A friend of mine with a large strawberry mark introduced me to Veil about 10 years ago. I use it for foundation as I suffer from redness around my neck and face. Absolutely brilliant. Covers everything and stays on all day.

Cedric John Foster


I have been using Veil products for about 10 years and find them excellent. They have given me new confidence!

Melanie Cuttriss

"I began suffering from rosacea from an unusually young age of 16 and the daily red flushes across my nose and cheeks made me so self-conscious and miserable. Someone recommended Veil cover cream to me and it made such an enormous difference to my life by toning down the dreadful redness. Almost 40 years later, I have the rosacea under control but I still use Veil to hide imperfections and am frequently told how lovely my skin looks - so ironic considering how it plagued me when younger! Veil made an enormous improvement to my life and I would still never be without a pot - a truly wonderful product."

Shelly Givans




"I love Veil Cover Cream! I found my perfect shade - it's fabulous! Plus, I haven't had a reaction and it’s covered the scars on my face wonderfully. I’m can't wait to buy a whole jar. 

Thanks to Veil, I’ve actually been able to leave the house without feeling ashamed."

Joan Smith

"I suffer from acne rosacea, in part exacerbated by a digestive problem from a pancreatic condition that was undiagnosed for over 12 years. It meant that for many many years I didn’t absorb the goodness from what I was eating and this impacted on my skin amongst other things.

I was really struggling to find covering makeup to hide the outbreaks and unevenness of my skin tone. I knew there were products out there available to those with birthmarks, scarring etc and I found Veil after doing a web search.

To start with, I bought the Colour Matching Kit. After working out which shades worked best for me, I purchased small pots, which are the perfect size.

I feel confident now that any blemishes can be discreetly disguised."

Veil Customer

"I'm so grateful I found this stuff. I used to have a terrible blushing problem which made life really hard but this cream makes me feel so much more confident and blushing isn't a problem anymore."

Veil Customer

"Very happy with my purchase. I have lots of thread veins on my face and the cream gives me great coverage."

Veil Customer

"A great foundation. The sample packets allow you to test out and find the right colour. The coverage lasts all day without the need for reapplying, it’s also buildable. It’s cruelty-free. A little goes a long way, amazing value for money. Better than any ‘big label’ foundation I’ve tried."


"This cream is amazing - I wish I’d discovered it years ago!

I’ve lived with sudden, inexplicable deep flushing of the cheeks when talking with people, in meetings etc., even when I’m not feeling anxious or embarrassed. The redness then causes me to become anxious and embarrassed and go an even deeper shade, almost purple. It’s been a horrible, vicious cycle that has completely held me back in my life, causing me to avoid situations, miss social events, skive off work and college to avoid public speaking. It also kept me in a dead end job for 10 years because I’ve lacked the confidence to get through an interview knowing I’d go dark red and give off huge anxiety vibes.

Not any more!! I use Aveeno as moisturiser, then apply green corrector, then just a small amount of Veil warmed and rubbed on my fingertips then patted across my cheeks and nose. Then I pat my regular foundation over the top and blend the edges before pressing in the setting powder and lightly brushing excess off. I finish with a barely damp flannel pressed gently over the whole thing to set it in place. It doesn’t budge AT ALL. I do use a smidge of blusher at top of cheek bones just to offset the wall of paleness. Also so if there is any hint of a ‘glow’ peeking through, blusher makes it less obvious.

Knowing that the redness is barely (if at all) visible has given my confidence an ENORMOUS LIFE CHANGING boost, and has broken the debilitating self-feeding cycle. I am very happy indeed!"

Karen Mackintosh

MUA and stylist Karen specialises in professional photographic makeup for all occasions. She is also the founder of M.A.S.K.

"This week I finally got to try out the power of Veil Cover Cream. It is an amazing cream foundation that is truly versatile. Aside from a huge number of colours, that allows you to highlight and contour with ease, it offers the most amazing coverage. The model for this makeup has vitiligo on her face which she wanted to cover for an even skin tone.


Vitiligo is the loss of pigment on the skin, usually in patches and traditional makeup will not cover it. Using Veil, I was able to match the tone she wanted and create a perfect, even finish. She looks beautiful and radiant. The makeup felt light and stayed in place all day long.


Veil can cover port wine stains, reddening, scarring and even covers tattoos. It is suitable for both men and women."

Claire Swan

Claire Swan is a certified MUA who trained at the Beauty Academy and Bella Marie Training Academy. She is based in Seaham, UK.

"I love Veil Cover Cream so much! By far my best investment, it's such a versatile product. I use it for so many things - it allows me to create so many flawless looks!"

D Vincent

"I had fun trying the Medium and Dark Colour Matching Kits. They are really a smooth texture and very easy to apply. You don’t need as much as you think you will, even if you’re covering both legs like me. I'm very pleased to say that I have found MY colour!!! I’m so thrilled I am No 3.

This is a better match than other brands and a better price. Both powders work well with it - the colour change is hardly noticeable. I would use translucent in cooler months and dusk during the summer. I tested them outside in daylight and artificial indoor lights.

Very pleased & quick service. Wonderful!"

Patricia Barrow

"I've used veil cover for many years. It's the only product which really does what it promises and camouflages my blotchy legs and arms."


Nicola Whitfield

"Love Veil Cover Cream! Coverage is amazing; I’ve used it for many years to cover all manner of issues!"


"The best foundation I’ve ever used (have been buying for a few years now). Wish I’d known about it earlier. Discovered it when looking for a foundation to cover redness. It is SO durable when combined with a powder on top. It’s so light as well. 10/10."

Donna Matthews

Veil's Colour Matching Kit is the best thing ever! 

I have hypopigmentation and it's so difficult to find the right shade of makeup! I've been dealing with this for about 14 years due to a laser treatment to smooth my skin. The procedure went terribly wrong and took the colour right out of my face. It has totally changed my life! I've spent so much money on trying to figure out the right colour makeup for my face, always mixing two different colours together to get the right shade. Unfortunately, this means I have to buy several full-size shades from other brands just to try, then return - if that's an option. Plus, other brands feel so heavy on my skin. I wanted something different and found it with Veil!

I loved being able to try several colours with the Colour Matching Kit. I picked two and ordered them in the full-size jars. I received my Cover Cream today and am so excited to start trying it. Thank you!

Claudia Butler

Here Claudia is looking beautiful wearing shade Wheat of Veil Cover Cream with our Finishing Powder.

"Veil is my new favourite makeup! Best coverage ever and lasts all day. A perfect foundation whether you have skin imperfections such as birthmarks or scars to hide or are simply looking for a great foundation and concealer!

Veil Cover Cream has excellent coverage and little product is required for each use. The Wheat shade blends perfectly with my skin tone and completely covers darker tones under my eyes. 


The translucent Finishing Powder sets my face brilliantly and has helped my makeup last for over eight hours. Overall the product gives a really natural and even looking finish."

Georgia Buckley

Georgia is a fully qualified makeup artist and session stylist based in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway. She specialises in bespoke bridal makeup and hair.

"I really love the coverage of Veil Cover Cream! It covers so well but doesn't feel uncomfortable or tight on the skin. My skin is in pretty good condition at the minute though so I let my sister trial it as she has very problematic skin recently - and she LOVES it! She couldn't believe how well it covers her spots and redness!! 10/10 from us! xxx".

Lucy Hart

Lucy Hart is a makeup artist based in Northallerton in North East England.

"I used Veil for an editorial shoot recently; it so lovely to work with buffed over all the skin! I love using to spot conceal too! x"

Pretty Green Eyes

MUA Pretty Green Eyes experimented with using Veil Cover Cream's Pro Kit for concealer, foundation and contouring and immediately fell in love:

"I’m very impressed with the coverage and how a little bit of the product goes a long way. Flawless finish and very impressive. X"

Melanie Hedley

"Absolutely blown away! Brilliant coverage & so easy to apply. It’s creamy without dragging & a tiny amount goes such a long way. I feel 10 years younger! It feels lovely & looks totally flawless.’'


Emma is a Level 3 qualified freelance makeup artist and blogger based in the UK.

"After covering camouflage makeup as part of my Makeup Artistry Diploma, I found it quite fascinating how well these products could cover up skin imperfections.

I finally decided to introduce Veil Cover Cream into my business after I had numerous clients asking if I was able to cover scars and tattoos. It made me realise that there is a huge gap in the market for camouflage makeup!

Not only has using Veil benefitted my business but it's wonderful to see the confidence and happiness it brings to the people who need it most."

Charletonn Andrea


"I have tried everything to try and cover my xanthelasma around my eyes. My Colour Matching Kit came yesterday and worked a treat, so happy!"

Shirley Heath


"I love Veil cover cream and couldn't live without it. Thank you so much!!!"

EVKA Modern Vintage

EVKA Modern Vintage is a makeup artist and hair stylist based in Manchester.

"I am very impressed with Veil and will always be using it in my work. It's great for any skin type which is very important in my job. The range of colour is amazing too!"

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Maybe its the pressure that a wedding day brings that made me want to cover my tattoo. Luckily I found Veil's tattoo camouflage kit which resulted in great coverage that lasted all day.