Treatments & products for scars

Our cover cream has had amazing results on our customers for covering scars, anywhere on the body. Over 67 years of NHS trust, we have provided confidence to people with scars, and now we want to help reduce scarring, as well as cover it. Now you can do both with our new range of skincare & cover cream products.

before and after scar on chest

Scar treatment, coverage, and skin treatment around eyes

Remescar range

Remescar Stick:

  • SKIN CARE - Use the convenient Remescar Scar Stick to treat new and old scars. The  scar stick can be used to accelerate the healing process for new wounds to prevent scarring - Also provides UV protection
  • REMESCAR MEDMETICS - Remescar develops science-based skin care solutions to improve your self-confidence. Just like Veil, we want you to be yourself and have the confidence to achieve anything!

Remescar eye bags dark circles treatment:

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO REDUCE EYE BAG - Clinically designed to effectively reduce eye bags & dark circles - The eye treatment was developed & produced by innovative market leaders in the eye care industry.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS - Apply a small amount of the eye cream, see the eye bags reduce by up to 75% - The effect of the eye cream lasts around 8 to 10 hours - Suited for men & women

Remescar tired look:

  • IDEAL TO AWAKEN TIRED EYES - Designed to reduce the look & feel of fatigue, tired eyes. Use the instant-acting, cooling and highly-effective cream to hide tired, puffy eyes.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS - Use the cream throughout the day - Apply a very small amount of the serum under & around the eyes to combat the effects of fatigue and energise your skin.