Just some of the skin conditions we cover


Lupus is a long term skin condition where your bodies immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. This can affect many different parts of your body, and commonly affect your skin with rashes and itchy skin. The most distinguished sign of lupus is a facial rash spreading across your cheeks from your nose. It will appear to be quite a red rash and some may never get better and disappear. Here at Veil Cover Cream we always want you to feel comfortable no matter who you are. Therefore if you are currently experiencing Lupus symptoms, not just on your face but on your body, we would love to help you out! Simply try one of our matching kits, or if you need any help you can always give us a call. Our products have been helping people will skin conditions for 67 years. We are trusted by the NHS and provide excellent coverage makeup with over 48 different shades to choose from.  Our makeup easily camouflages skin conditions, allowing you to be the person you want to be. With water resistance and SPF15, you can use Veil Cover Cream on a daily basis!

Skin Grafts

Skin graft is the affect of surgery by moving tissue  or transplantation of the skin. This leaves a short term disfiguration in the skin which may be noticeable due to the surgery. The collected tissue can be took from any part of the skin, predominantly from legs, which can alter the skin tones of the overall skin. Sometimes the area being worked on is rather large and may last a while to heal. So we would like to help you out if you require, by offering amazing coverage with over 48 shades to match skin even on your legs. For more information please give us a call or drop us an email.



Vitiligo skin condition is becoming ever more prominent and we understand that self confidence is a major factor. We absolutely agree but we do still want to help people reach full confidence. Since our cover cream makeup can be used to hide skin conditions, and allows people to apply their own makeup over the top, we like to think that it will hide any vitiligo on your face or body for a long period of time if you so desire. With over 67 years of experience, we hope are products are right for you.


Xanthelasma is a build up of cholesterol underneath the skin normally around your eyes, leaving yellow spots surrounding your eyes. Here at Veil Cover Cream we know many of our customers use our products to cover Xanthelasma. It is a common skin condition and with the right colour of neutraliser, and shade of cover cream, it can be easily covered for long lasting, flawless results. That is why we have brought out a colour corrector kit, that will neutralise the yellow shades around your eyes, before you apply your cover cream. This will ensure that nothing shows through your makeup and you dont have to worry about your skin.