Start with matching your shade with our Colour Matching Kit...

Contents of kit:

1x 30ml Spreadable Camouflage Makeup shade of your choice ( similar to your skin tone)

1x Adjuster Stack which allows you to brighten or darken your Spreadable Makeup. Also comes with Mineral Rich Loose Setting Powder to ensure long lasting waterproof makeup.

1x Mixing Palette to blend the shades until your skin is matched

1x Mixing Spatula 

1x Fine Makeup Brush to apply on skin

Aim of this kit:

We have brought out this kit for many reasons. The first reason is that it is a fantastic spreadable formula that is perfect for covering larger skin concern over the legs or body, rather than the face. 

We understand that with different parts of the body comes different skin tones. Some parts of the body have more pink or tan, and thats where the adjuster stack comes in handy! Simply start blending your 30ml camouflage makeup shade with the correct adjuster shade to achieve a shade that best suits your skin.

we have provided all the equipment you will need to achieve flawless coverage, with no mess, and a new dependable pump bottle. 

How it works:

Here we have our unique kit that offers you everything you need to achieve flawless camouflage makeup. Simply decide which shade is closest to your skin by using our colour matching chart and the drop down menu. Or use our spreadable sample kit. The adjuster stack is useful for slightly changing the shade to match different parts of the body. 

The rest of the kit is already chosen for you. When it arrives, simply trial the shade you selected on your skin and determine whether it is too light, dark, rich or pale. It may be a case that the shade you chose is perfect!

Depending on the difference between your skin and the camouflage makeup selected, you will need to use the Adjuster Stack to subtly change the tone until it is close enough to your skin shade.

So, if the shade is too dark, add some white. If the shade is too light, add some tan. If the shade is too pale, yellow or orange may help brighten the makeup. If your skin is quite rose or pink, add some of the rose adjuster to balance out the redness in your skin. 

You can achieve all of this by using the mixing palette and mixing spatula provided in the kit. 

Finally, once your skin concern is covered completely with the blended makeup, dab over the top of the makeup with the loose setting powder to set the makeup in place. Ensuring the cream is non-transferrable, waterproof and long lasting.