Treatments & products for stretch marks

View our diverse and popular range of products that will not only cover stretch marks, but treat them in the process. We have developed many new products for you to try and reduce the visibility of stretch marks whilst you use Veil Cover Cream to camouflage them.

stretch marks before and after

Let us help you defeat stretch marks for good!

Our premium cover cream range is the perfect camouflage makeup for stretch marks, due to its long lasting waterproof features. Whether you want daily use, or long lasting coverage for a wedding or even the beach! Try our cover cream with over 48 shades to match your skin.

Watch out! 

For our Rejuve-Oil coming soon, all natural ingredients combined into a powerful oil that will nurture your skin and rejuvenate senses. Great for REDUCING pregnancy stretch marks, anywhere on the body. 

Our NEW natural oil is a fast absorbing oil that helps the skin to obtain the minerals and goodness it needs to feel soft and healthy. Our research is still continuing but we are close to perfecting the formula so that your skin feels better than ever!