Treat & cover tattoos & aftercare

We have always dedicated our time and effort into providing the best products to hide and camouflage tattoos. Now we aim to treat tattoos to keep them clean and protected against every day activities. View our premium tattoo aftercare range for treating and covering any tattoo.

tattoo covering before and after

Perfect coverage & skin friendly treatment!

ProEvia Cream:

ProEvia has been specially designed to help the skin without damaging it. With no parabens, streroids, fragrances and SLS free, it is the perfect cream for skin irritation relief. Whether your tattoo is flaking, or red, or itchy, ProEvia will help relieve and treat your skin. 

Colour Corrector Stack:

Our Tattoo Kits are widely loved by our customers, including everything you need to camouflage your tattoo. No matter what size, colour or position on your body, our cover cream will cover it. To help with long lasting coverage we have brought out a colour corrector stack with 5 neutralising cover creams so none of your tattoo shows through your makeup. 

Yellow Soft Paraffin Unbleached Petroleum Jelly:

Skin can easily become dehydrated and flaky, as can the area around a tattoo. Therefore you need to keep moisture trapped in the skin, whilst protecting the skin by forming a barrier to prevent bacteria entering. Thats exactly what Veil Yellow soft paraffin does. A simple petroleum jelly product acts as a strong layer of jelly that keeps skin hydrated and stops bacteria entering.

Before and after tattoo makeup

Before & after tattoo Veil Cover Cream makeup

If you've got a tattoo that needs covering, you have found the only cream you will ever need!

  • 24 Hour coverage
  • Water resistant
  • SPF 15
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Trusted by the NHS

Find your shade by using our sample colour matching kit here.

Or purchase our premium tattoo kit that has everything you need to cover your tattoo!