Find out everything you need to know about Veil, as well as tips and tricks to creating a flawless, full coverage makeup routine with our tutorial videos hosted by International makeup artist, Jo Leversuch. In our series of tutorials, Jo demonstrates how to tackle a range of skin imperfections including acne, rosacea, redness, veins and birthmarks using Veil Cover Cream. 

Watch how to apply Veil Cover Cream to your skin concern

Click to view how to effortlessly camouflage your skin concern with our full coverage makeup tutorial. Cover your skin with Veil cover makeup for flawless waterproof skin camouflage. Learn tips on applying cover cream foundation, camouflage concealer and leg cream, but first match your skin shade using our colour matching kit

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Acne & Rosacea Coverage

Covering Acne Rosacea

How to cover acne with camouflage makeup. Watch Shirley explain the easiest way to cover acne spots with full coverage concealer. Use Veil colour corrector to neutralise acne on your skin, and reduce the visibility of redness from acne. Conceal acne on your skin with long-lasting acne concealer.

Covering Redness

Tips for covering redness with foundation. View our detailed tutorial on how to cover redness with makeup, using veil camouflage makeup. Similarly, to cover rosacea with makeup will be very similar! Our camouflage makeup can be used to cover redness and rosacea. We also have cream for rosacea to help reduce visibility whilst you cover with waterproof makeup.

Acne & Rosacea Range

Flawless Tattoo Coverage Tutorials

Tattoo Cover Up

How to cover tattoo with camouflage makeup. Tips on how to perfectly hide tattoos with makeup. You can use Veil tattoo kit to cover tattoos anywhere on your body. You can cover tattoos on your leg, body or face with Veil camouflage makeup. Great for wedding camouflage makeup, or interview cover makeup, or even on holiday as Veil cover cream is waterproof makeup and has SPF 15! Our tattoo camouflage kit has everything you need to cover unwanted tattoos properly. 

Concealing a Tattoo

Watch our makeup expert Jo explain how to hide tattoo with makeup. Using colour correctors, Veil cover cream, setting powder and a fine makeup brush. Have the perfect makeup to cover tattoos on your face, legs or body! 

Tattoo kits & Camouflage Makeup

Concealing Redness & Sores

Covering redness and sore skin can be a problem. Not for Veil cover cream! Watch this short clip for tips on covering redness on your skin. Learn how to cover redness on your skin, the correct way. Camouflage redness with our full coverage makeup. Long-lasting concealer for redness. Conceal sores with our waterproof makeup. Click to find out more.

Covering a Birthmark

Veil camouflage cream is the worlds favourite birthmark camouflage makeup. Watch our tutorial to learn tips on covering birthmarks with makeup. Veil cream is waterproof and can be used as body or leg makeup, as well as face concealer. Depending on where your birthmark is located Veil cover cream will be able to cover it. We recommend setting our cover cream with a finishing powder.