Treatments & products for warts

Try our new and improved range for treating warts, and using our popular cover cream to cover warts. We have introduced our new skincare range to help you reduce the appearance of warts, and at the same time use our cover cream to cover the area.

Salicylic acid wart treatment for your skin

Salicylic acid acne day cream:

Our new acne face cream for daily use contains powerful salicylic acid that deeply cleans the skin pores under acne and warts to quickly reduce the appearance. By dissolving the bacteria and dirt, your skin should feel smooth in no time, as we've even added some tea tree oil to replenish your skin.

Veil finishing powder:

Our premium cover cream camouflages warts with over 48 shades for you to match. For maximum effect please use our finishing powder to ensure long lasting, waterproof makeup.