Veil's New Xanthelasma Range

Welcome to our newest division of Veil Cover Cream. A dedicated range of products to help cover Xanthelasma. 

Our range has been separated into two categories to help you decide which may be best for you.

Firstly, we have our brand new X-Stack. A small compact and travel safe stack that comes with a brush and sponge.

Inside the stack will be a colour corrector mauve to help prime the xanthelasma. You will also need to select the shade that best matches your skin tone. A setting powder will be on the top which ensures the cover cream is water resistant / sweat proof.

The blending stacks are almost the same, however they have 3 shades of cover cream to help you blend and figure out an accurate shade to use over xanthelasma. Also comes with a setting powder, colour corrector mauve, and a brush/sponge set.


Take a look at our Xanthelasma Range below:

Now you can select any Veil Cover Cream shade that matches your skin to be in the newest Xanthelasma stack!


Our original Xanthelasma Concealer Stacks ideal for blending